Bummed out Again at Weigh-In

Last Saturday past I lost exactly one pound.  It might not sound like much but it broke a six week cycle of weight gains.  I was happy to see my losing streak was over…that was until this most recent Saturday weigh in.  I gained three pounds.

It wasn’t surprising.  I knew I was going to see a gain.  I had been depressed and I didn’t get much exercise in and my eating habits were not conducive to healthy living.  But, I didn’t think it was going to be as much as three pounds.  How did I react?  Triumphantly actually.  I licked my wounds and became more adamant that I’d seen the last gain for a long while.  Throughout the day Saturday and all day Sunday I did great.  I got exercise and I ate well.  I didn’t starve myself in the least.  I ate foods I enjoyed and ate to fullness without feeling bloated.  Then came Monday.

Yesterday was not so good.  I got no exercise whatsoever except running up and down the stairs a bit while doing laundry.  My food intake was like watching Lucy and Ethel at the candy factory.  This time, however, I didn’t feel depressed.  I believe it was anxiety.  Today is the first day of the Fall semester.  I’m only taking one class, but I feel there is so much on the line for me regarding grades.  I did so poorly when I first came back to school that I’m still feeling the effects.  If I’m going to qualify for any student grants I need to get my grades up.  I plan to be in school full time by next fall so it’s going to be very important to get those grants.

I’m working on not beating myself up over yesterdays slip up, and I think I’m doing a pretty good job of it.  I’ve got the rest of the week ahead to make up for yesterday and by this afternoon I will have passed my first day back at school and everything should be a little easier.


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  1. Bradley,

    Are you recording your food intake? If you haven’t been doing that it will probably help to commit to doing that for a while.
    Sending you hugs,

    1. I log every bite before I actually take it. That’s why it’s never a surprise whether I gain or lose

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