Friday Fun: Call Me Maybe

I think this went viral so you may have seen it before, but it’s worth watching again. It’s U.S. Army soldiers having a little fun while stationed in Afghanistan. Thank you guys for your service and thank you for making me laugh.

2 comments on Friday Fun: Call Me Maybe

  1. Owww! Make a straight girl weep. For some reason I just kept picturing Paul Ryan dancing in there with the guys. Wouldn’t he just totally fit?

    1. I don’t know if any of these guys are gay or not, but I hope so because some of them are very cute and seemed like they did it just a bit too well. 🙂 They did this video as a parody to an identical to one done by the Miami Dolphins cheerleaders. Here’s a link that which compares them side by side: I’m impressed with how well the guys did. As for Paul Ryan…he may be doing some private dancing at home, but he would never fit in with these hotties.

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