Caption This Reminder

Just a gentle reminder that the “Caption This” contest ends at midnight tonight. Here’s the pic and the rules.

Another Caption This

Once again, here are the rules:

  • Put in the comments section what you think this weeks caption should be. If you post more than one caption, it is considered cheating, and that is okay with me. This is dog eat dog.
  • All entries must be in by midnight on Thursday, Pacific Time.
  • On Friday I will announce the winner based on humor, creativity, uniqueness, or just because I damn well please. Bribes are graciously accepted and nepotism is standard practice.
  • The winner will receive the coveted Golden Unicorn Award.

Good luck to you all!

3 comments on Caption This Reminder

    1. Go to the Southwest corner of McArthur Park and leave the cash in a burlap bag in the 3rd trashcan on the right (If you’re facing North.) A guaranteed win requires $500 in 10’s and 20’s. Drop off must be at exactly 11:47 Pacific Time.

      Thank you in advance for your “donation.”

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