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I wasn’t sure if there were many places to go with this weeks picture, but I decided to post it anyway. I’m glad I did because the winning caption is most excellent. Here’s the pic that was posted on Wednesday:

young woman with long blond hair poses next to older woman with very large curly hair on top of her head. They are both smiling

The winner of this week’s Crotchety’s Golden Unicorn Award is…

caption this golden unicorn award

Janet Coburn


“Buffy was the Chosen One when it came to slaying vampires, but she was helpless against Jiffy-Pop hairdos.”

Great job, Janet! You got bonus points for the nostalgic salute to Jiffy-Pop.

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  1. Bradley
    I read something that you might want to check out. Psychogenic Non epileptic seizures are typically brought on anxiety, stress, and trauma. A Neurologist wrote the article. You might want to think back to your life during those times and see if it makes any sense. She went on to say most people get the same answer, I can’t find anything so don’t know how to treat you. The answer is therapy, resolving the issues creating the seizures. Good Luck.

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