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Homeless Tour – Throwback

This Weeks Throwback is from December 19, 2013 Here in Los Angeles we have tours of the stars homes, celebrity death tours, tours of the artwork in subway stations, Hollywood Forever cemetery tours, Universal Studio Tours, and many, many more. I, however, would be happy to give you a free tour that is both interesting […]

Make me Laugh

When I look back on my earliest posts 7 – 8 years ago I notice a couple of things. First, I notice how dramatically better my writing is today compared to back then. I guess writing for 8 years helps one to hone their craft. The second thing I noticed that bothers me more than […]


Despite my horrible memory, I can easily recall the loneliest moment of my life. It was the afternoon of September 28, 2003 in Studio City, California. It was my 40th birthday. I had no friends to help me celebrate. The people who I called my friends were nothing more than drinking buddies. Since I was […]


When I was a kid I suffered from boredom all the time. The laundromat was hell on earth. I’m the youngest of seven kids, so you can imagine that a large part of my mom’s life, and therefore mine, was spent at the laundromat. The hours seemed excruciatingly long. The thrill of watching clothes swirl […]

Questioning My Bipolar Diagnosis

Last week I shared that my pdoc has on my file that I have schizoaffective disorder. It was a surprise to me and I haven’t talked with him about it because he’s out sick. It was the doctor on call who mentioned it. After this news, I discussed it with my therapist, who was equally […]

Weekly Wrap-Up April 11, 2016

Mood Much, much better mood this past week. I was manic for a couple of days, but that ended about mid-week. Here’s a couple of brief conversations I had with Maurice: Sunday: Me: I feel so much better now that the depression has lifted, but I’m kind of manic, Maurice: I don’t think you’re manic. […]

Laughter and Bipolar Disorder

Laughter and Bipolar Disorder To me, Bipolar Disorder is a serious disease that is taken too seriously. I love to laugh. I mean really love to laugh. What makes me laugh? I like slapstick, dark humor, children’s jokes, knock-knock jokes, dirty jokes, puns and more. You know what else I love to laugh at? Jokes […]

Spoiled Brat or Bipolar?

Today I’m going to tell a story about a young man named Bradley. Some of these will sound like I’m rambling; some won’t make a connection. I will kind of go all over the place, but that’s the way my mind worked, so it’s okay. Sadly, there is so much I don’t remember from my […]

Hike For Mental Health

Today’s post is by Leland McKeeman of Footsteps A Hike For Mental Health It was something I had to do. Sometimes, I just get a feeling of something I can’t deny. I’ve had it a few times before. I decided to live abroad for a year. To switch universities and programs. To live and work […]

Creativity, Bipolar and Genetics

A link between bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and creativity. We’ve all heard about the likely connection dozens of times. Now, a recent study involving over 86,000 people gives further proof that the connection exists. Looking at the many blogs written by so many creative individuals, the results of this study are no surprise to me. Excellent […]

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