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Some of my Heroes – Throwback

This week’s Throwback is from May 2013 In February, Carrie Fisher, of Star Wars fame, acted erratically while performing on stage during a cruise, which included her belting out songs off key, and having to clean up after her dogs who pooped on stage. Carrie was not drunk as some believed. She had to see […]

Celebrity Quotes On Mental Illness

If there’s one thing we learned from the death of Robin Williams, it’s that celebrities have an impact on the publics perception of mental illness. It made people around the world stop for a second and think, It could happen to anybody. There are some quotes from celebrites who have been diagnosed with mental illness, […]

Bring Change 2 Mind

I was aware that Glenn Close has a sister, and a nephew with mental illness and that Glenn is active in helping to erase the stigma of mental illness. What I did not know is that she is the founder of Bring Change 2 Mind which is a national anti-stigma campaign. (I’m sure many of […]

Where Do I Go From Here?

I’ve been pondering about my blog.(This is the point where you visualize me sitting in a meadow rubbing my chin and gazing at the clouds) I’m worried writing only about bipolar and my struggle with it will be difficult to sustain. That will always remain my purpose for this blog, but I don’t want you […]

Mood Disorder? You’re In Good Company

Whoah! Don’t run away because this entry looks so long!!! Most of it’s just a list so there’s not as much reading as it looks. Now pour some tea or coffee, sit down and read my blog, Dammit!! I’m still nervous about eventually working again. According to a study at Brown University, 30% – 60% […]

Now Even More Counseling

Maurice and I started couples therapy today. No, nothing wrong. We simply thought it best to talk to a therapist about my bipolar and how it affects our relationship. Basically trying to prevent things getting too crazy rather then waiting until they do. My part is accepting I am nuts and not feeling guilty he […]

A Busy Day and George Takei

Kinda busy today with a psychiatric appointment and book club tonight, but doing pretty well, a little in the manic state and a little in the depressed state. Hmmm, I’ll try to come up with a number here. I will leave you with another one of my favorite videos. It’s George Takei’s response to Tim […]

“How you doin’?”

I’ve lived all over the country. The Midwest, the South, the desert, northern California, and now Los Angeles. This may come as a surprise to many but Southern California is one of the friendliest, if not THE, friendliest part of the country I’ve lived in. Only when I worked in Beverly Hills did I regularly […]