Now Even More Counseling

Maurice and I started couples therapy today. No, nothing wrong. We simply thought it best to talk to a therapist about my bipolar and how it affects our relationship. Basically trying to prevent things getting too crazy rather then waiting until they do. My part is accepting I am nuts and not feeling guilty he does so much. His part is dealing with the stress of being a caretaker for someone who is loony. We both agreed after it was over that it was good for us and we’re glad we went. We’ll keep going.

A was a ping pong ball today. All over the place. I started the day feeling good, and by mid afternoon I was very manic and agitated, then it was back and forth for awhile. I had the tremors again and was very shaky. Again another day that’s hard to measure, but I’ll give it a six even though it may have been a seven. Speaking of which, yesterday I posted a six because I was doing well, but I got crazy later, so I changed it to a seven. It probably was an eight, but I’ll give myself a break.

I did weigh myself while at the clinic. I lost one whole pound in two weeks! Woo Hoo! I look exactly like Brad Pitt now. Actually, I’m cool with it. At least I didn’t gain. My history tells me that eating right is important, but I really don’t lose weight unless I exercise. UGH, that means I’ll have to get my ass away from the computer for awhile each day. I don’t know if I can handle it.

How’s the new look? I decided a depressed person didn’t need to look at all the dark colors that the site had before. I don’t want to be responsible for making someone more depressed. That’s kinda the opposite of my goal here. Maurice takes most of the credit for the new logo. I got the basic look going but didn’t have it in me to finish so he took over and fine tuned it. I think he did a great job. I’ll give him hugs for it.

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  1. I love the new logo and blog look Bradley 🙂 Also – to note on Michelle’s dad’s comment – I had read that walking helps your creativity and your brain, as well as all the good benefits of exercise and weightloss. Morning pages are also a fantastic tool if you are into journaling at all. Julia Cameron, Artists’ Way, is one of my favorites in that department – both walking for creativity and writing.(Like you needed more to do or think about)You are so fortunate to have such a fantastic support system. Hang in there!*hugs*Kim

  2. That’s great! Do you ever walk to a meeting? Even if your late it would be exercise and a positive thing.Any weight loss is good so congratulations.I never lose site that by doing this you are helping others. I thank you for that. Love, Michelle’s dad John

  3. Oh wow I love the comic! I definitely would love to just throw some large blunt objects at certain people…-Regan

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