Feeling Good but Staying Cool

Here’s typical pictures you’ll find on most drug ads and websites that explain dealing with major depression and bipolar disorder:

Who wouldn’t be depressed after viewing pictures like these? It must be a conspiracy by the drug companies.

Boy am I feeling great today! Our niece is back with us and probably will be for awhile. Because Maurice works so many hours and I’ve been so out of it, I was going wild this morning trying to get the placed cleaned up. It’s a disaster. I’ve been ordered by Maurice to stop it. He knows how much I overdo it when I’m feeling good and that usually makes me crash again. Today it feels like I’m finally adapting to my new meds. We’ll see. I hope so, though I admit I still liked that high feeling the first day I had them adjusted.

I am bummed that I’ll miss my BP support group tonight. The friend that I carpool with can’t make it. I’m trying to get a support group in my area so I don’t have to ride to Long Beach. If you or someone you know is in the South Bay of Los Angeles (Torrance, Redondo Beach, San Pedro, Hermosa Beach, Manhattan Beach, etc.) I am trying to get a DBSA (Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance) meeting started in this area and I can be contacted at howisbradley@gmail.com There is one currently in the area that is Christian based and begins each meeting by reading from the Bible. If it’s something you’re more interested in let me know and I can put you in contact. If you’re looking for something that’s non-denominational then please also get in touch with me at the same email address.

What the hell is with my man Obama? I still support him but now I’m really worried. First he made those stupid comments in Pennsylvania about guns and church, and now he’s got this crazy minister who’s out to bring him down.

Hell, I don’t agree with everything my minister says, but I have a huge love and respect for him. But if he was as divisive and crazy as this guy I would certainly find another church. I truly believe Obama does not have the same beliefs but what the hell was he doing for 20 years? I guess maybe he was sleeping through all the sermons.

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  1. There are more bi-polars in your own congregation, one use to sponsor me. Ask me later.J.D.

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