Californians really don’t think about earthquakes that much. Tremors occur every day, but most are too small to feel. The last one that Maurice and I felt was about two months ago. It threw us both up out of our chairs for a second but that was it. Not much. The only other one I felt like that was about 5 years ago. It lasted a bit longer, and shook more, but no damage.

Suddenly, though, earthquakes are on my mind. I don’t know why. I keep looking at the picture over our bed and thinking we need to reinforce it. We don’t have anything in the apartment reinforced like we should. Whenever I go out of the apartment and down the walkway to the stairs I imagine a quake happening and the walkway collapsing.

I don’t have a belief in psychic ability or true premonitions, but this has me thinking that I hope I’m not having one. I guess we’ll see.

Speaking of tremors, I’ve been having tremors the past couple of days. No specific reason, just the type that comes with generalized anxiety. I didn’t really notice until Maurice mentioned. Later I was trying to reattach a knob that fell off our fan and couldn’t hold my hand steady to do it. It’s what my pdoc and I refer to as the Mountain Dew effect.

I did come up with a fun idea yesterday. I’ve been posting these mental health cartoons on this blog and I’ve always wanted to be a cartoonist. So I decided why don’t I just start making my own and post those every day. Immediately I got excited and started writing up ideas. I don’t know when it will start happening but it will be coming.

Feeling depressed again today. I’m very bitchy and anxious and it showed in some emails I responded to (oops). I hope it’s cause I’m still adjusting to my new meds. There’s not much in the house so I planned to walk across the street to the supermarket. I just didn’t have it in me so I had peanut butter and jelly again. After my gourmet lunch I took a three hour nap. I’m still feeling out of it so I’m going to hit the bed again. I hope there’s not any major tremors while I’m in it. That picture over the bed is kind of heavy.

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  1. Thanks for dropping by my blog! The cartoons are great. I particularly like the one on the freeway but maybe that’s because I live in Los Angeles.Susan

  2. Hey Brad :)Don’t be too hard on yourself for enjoying PB&J. We group that in the gourmet category around our house too – and WOW! go out on a limb and toast the bread? LOOK OUT! :)I’d love to see what you develop as you brainstorm and begin cartooning. You have such a fantastic sense of humor. That was what drew me to you in the first place in SL and the events you hosted. You make me laugh so hard! Humor is a major gift šŸ™‚ Lean into it baby.Feel better -I’m a day late in blogs so I’m hoping by today things are looking up.*hugs*Kim

  3. Brad: I’ve looked for your notes everyday since I came on and sometimes you haven’t gone on yet. I know what your going through since I read “Heaven and Hell” by Huxley but remember the relief you bring others by being yourself. So dude “writeon” every day we need you!If this bugs you just get me next time ya see me!

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