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My Life is on Delay

So, I am getting a little writing done and a few other things, but for the most part my life is on hold. It’s frustrating because I don’t know what’s happening from one day to the next, but all I can do is keep holding on the best that I can and wait to see what happens.

Good Reasons For Anxiety Still Feel Shitty

Stack of books

I said I would try to give an update more often…I’m trying. January is over and was it ever a wild rollercoaster. Highs and lows…and I hate rollercoasters. However, despite frustrating health issues, despite major anxiety that felt like it was going to kill me, there’s a possibility for good stuff, really good stuff, ahead. […]

Under Pressure


My anxiety has been out of control and getting worse every day. I’ve been weaning off one of my anti-anxiety meds and thought that may be the culprit, but Maurice and I got out the calendar and checked. Nope, this all started happening before I started reducing the meds. I think it’s just plain old […]



The End of a Winning Streak Two and three weeks ago, things were simply marvelous. No depression, no hypomania, no mania, no anxiety. Once again, I felt like I’d been cured. Well, I’m definitely not cured. While I’m thrilled to say that that for the third week in a row I have experienced no depression […]

Trapped Inside My Own Mind

I published a post last week titled Trapped. It was a quick rant about how miserable I was feeling. I don’t rant very often on this blog. Today my intent is to share what I’m feeling, but hopefully in a more coherent way. I hope I succeed. Our President Elect I’ve made it clear since […]

Weekly Wrap-Up November 07, 2016

Mood Despite my optimism, my winning streak of good weeks came to a close. It wasn’t depression or mania that got me. It was anxiety. I mentioned it had been nagging at me, but it finally exploded in my face. It started early Sunday morning. I was scheduled to be an usher at our church […]


Last week I was overwhelmed. Despite how good things have been going, I couldn’t escape my old friend anxiety. Like some of the other symptoms of bipolar, I’ve had to learn to adapt and tolerate it the best I can. Why was the week overwhelming? Well, that’s easy to answer. I was overwhelmed because I […]

What do I Want to do?

What do I want to do? Over the years I’ve written a few posts about returning to work. In the past couple weeks, it’s come up again with my pdoc and my therapist, so I am bringing it up again. I hope my long term readers will indulge me a bit. Over the years there […]

Still Living With Bathtub Anxiety

This weeks Throwback Thursday doesn’t go back that far. Originally posted in January of 2014, I’m sorry to say not much has changed since then. Please don’t judge, but I have one struggle that I deal with every day – taking a shower. Go ahead and say it, “Gross!” I must stress that I don’t […]

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