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Oh My God, Hell Yes!

bipolar medication

I asked my husband, Maurice, to think back to before I was taking meds. We both remember the trial and error period when my pdoc and I were trying to find the right combination for me. Some of the meds had some pretty wacky side effects. In fact, one of them made me attack Maurice. […]

The House Husband

A couple of weeks ago I dropped the only class I was taking. I dropped it because I failed to turn in an essay and chose to withdraw from the class rather than get a low grade. It was my professor’s suggestion, actually. What he didn’t know, however, is that I’m on academic probation. I […]

Is Honesty the Best Policy?

I was running a bit manic in January so my pdoc changed my meds a bit, which you may have seen me whine about here. Today when I met with him he asked how it’s going and I told him that I think he needs to adjust my meds back because I’ve felt so drained […]


I have friends who talk about how awful their pdocs (psychiatrist) are. They claim their pdoc never listens to what they say, and won’t make any med changes even when asked. It feels, at times, they are talking about Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde.  I always felt lucky. The pdoc I first worked with, Doctor Lisa, would spend a […]

Gastric Bypass Surgery

Well, the decison has been made — I’m not going to have the surgery(for now).  Those damn things are expensive.  The entire process takes about 6 months, but they nickle and dime you all along the way.  I was naive to think that all the prep work that has to be done would be totaled […]

Where Do I Begin?

It’s been such a while, I have so much going on that It’s hard to decide where to start:  First:  My bipolar is more under control, but still not where I’d like it to be.  I still have manic days and depressive days, but the pendulum doesn’t swing towards manic as much as it use too. Despite the fact […]

Talk, Talk, Talk

People use to talk. Families would talk around the dinner table; folks would sit on the front porch and talk with their neighbors. You would find men chatting at the barbers or the POW or Elk’s clubs. Women would be home during the day and would talk with the other housewives. Garden clubs were an […]

Perception Problems

Remember the movie “Ghost”? When Patrick Swayze’s character dies he can’t touch anything. His hands keep going through anything he tries to touch. That’s what it sometimes feels to me. There’s a major flaw in the movie, by the way, since he does run up stairs and is able to ride a subway, but I […]

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