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My Googley Eyes

I can’t see, my hands and body shake out of control…I’ve been a damn mess this past week. I did some Googling and learned that Ativan can cause vision problems. Since my double vision and blurriness started immediately after I began taking Ativan, I couln’t help but go “hmmmmm”. I couldn’t reach my pdoc so […]

I Am NOT Okay

I hear it all the time, “I’m glad to see you are much better.” “How are you doing?” “You look so much better today” etc. etc. etc. I’ve got news for you folks…I’m NOT better. OK, maybe I am from a few months ago, but unless they come up with a cure I will have […]

Chihuahua Syndrome

First a warning, if you are a chihuahua lover then please read no further. I don’t want you to think any less of me than you probably already do. I hate the little beasts. I hate to say it because I love most animals, but yippy dogs are near the bottom of my list. The […]

I’m King of the Meds!

One of the thrills of being bipolar is the contest of taking more pills than other friends or people in your support group. Now that my pdoc put me on another one I take 8 pills every morning and 6 pills every night. Woo Hoo! I know some who take sixteen or more a day, […]

Mania, Depression & Weight – Oh My!

My mania and depression are out of control. Ever take one of those small roller coaster’s that you think are going to be an easy ride, then you find it bumps and shakes and is more nerve wracking than a large one? Damn! I hate those, but that’s me these days. Nothing too high, nothing […]

How Was Bradley Part III

I started this 3 part series it was because I was reminiscing how far I’d come in the past couple of years. Everything in parts 1 and 2 were leads to this post, which is most of what I was pondering the other day. Before losing my job I began having seizures and the vertigo. […]

How Was Bradley Part I

Some of you are having problems with my RSS feeds, some aren’t. I have no idea what the hell is going on, but I’m still working on it. Sorry about that. Yesterday I wrote that I was reminiscing about where I’ve been and where I am today in regards to my disease. I said I […]

Happy Happy Joy Joy

Yesterday afternoon was the big day to check my weight. Based on the title I won’t try to hold you in suspense. I’ve now lost 9 pounds out of my current 24 pound weight goal. I stood in shock and couldn’t believe what I was seeing. My doctor came up behind me and said, I […]

Crash and Burn

Would you like a $50 gift credit card? Sarah, at Bipolar-Lives.Com is offering a contest related to famous people with bipolar disorder. Her blog states: The Famous Bipolar People Contest encourages research and reflection. A $50 gift credit card is being offered to give viewers an incentive to do more than just passively consume celebrity […]

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