Chihuahua Syndrome

First a warning, if you are a chihuahua lover then please read no further. I don’t want you to think any less of me than you probably already do.

I hate the little beasts. I hate to say it because I love most animals, but yippy dogs are near the bottom of my list. The defining factor though is their shaking. I’m already nervous enough, the last thing I need is a rat sized creature around shaking like it’s near death from frostbite. These days, though, I am like a chihuahua. I call it my Chihuahua Syndrome.

I started shaking very badly about a month or so ago. My hands began quivering so much that I could barely type and I kept dropping things. Yesterday, I was so shaky that I spilled an entire bottle of my meds onto the bathroom floor. YUCK! I’ll be thinking of that over the next month until they run out.

In discussion with my pdoc recently, she believes that much of what I think is mania is actually anxiety. I was skepticle, but having much trust in her I agreed to add on more meds. YIPPIE! That’s six more pills a day! Just what I needed.

She put me on Propranolol, which apparently is used for high blood pressure but also works to reduce social phobia, anxiety and general tension. Because I don’t have high blood pressure that has to be watched closely since it can reduce it too low.

The results so far are mixed. My shaking has gotten worse. Obviously someone has injected chihuahua blood into my system. Maybe I need to pretend to sleep and watch what Maurice is up to at night. While the shaking has gotten worse, my anxiety seems about the same but my mania appears to have greatly reduced. I’m much more bitchy these days but not having wild manic episodes. I don’t know what all this means, especially since I’ve been taking my dosage incorrectly. I’ve been ignoring what’s on the label and going by what I thought she told me. Knowing how bad my memory is these days, I should know better.

It’s wait and see for me at this point. Maurice and I see our couples therapist today and maybe I’ll get to the bottom of my bitchiness lately. For now it’s yippy and shaky for me, for I have a bad case of the chihuahua syndrome.

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  1. Well I don’t like those horrid things much either. My friend had a couple, I was over at his house one night, and had a gash on my leg (I’d fallen over as I am often prone to do), and the dog kept trying to lick at the gash… it was quite horrid.I hope your shaking stops soon, but at least you haven’t turned to drinking blood.

  2. If you have any question about what is written on the bottle call the doctor now. I’ll wait…..Ok…, you’re back. Good. The druggist copies down what is written on the script, if it doesn’t agree with what you believe you were told, someone made a mistake. Make sure you get it straightened out ASAP. I’ve worked many years with clients and their meds, and it’s that serious.All the best. Hope these things get right quickly. You need some peace.

  3. Well, I don’t think any less of you. Actually, you moved up in ranking. I really dislike those nasty, mean little yippy dogs. And, they are mean and noisy. I hate yippy barkers. I prefer labs and German Shepards. Now, those are really dogs. Have you considered calling you pdoc? I agree with da old man!!! He is wise. What are you waiting for do it today!!

  4. I have a dog like that and you are so right on…when my dog gets nervous she starts to shake I alaways make a joke to her asking her if she needs one of my nerve pills lol…..I was taking abilify and i started to shake my pdoc took me off of them thank goodness….i still drop things though…

  5. @Everyone. I’m sorry I didn’t make it clear. I did call my pdoc to clarify my meds and that’s where I learned I should be listening to the label and not what I thought my doctor said.@Michelle. I think you are taking my posts a bit too seriously. I can’t see where it can be perceived anywhere that I’m asking permission of anyone. Just sharing my experiences.

  6. @ Dyana. I think it may have been about the time that I started on Abilify that my shaking started. I’ll need to ask my pdoc when I see her on Friday.

  7. Bradley- What a great connection- these particular dogs bring out a strong reaction in people. I hope the shaking levels out! Annie

  8. I’m at a loss. Your an adult do what you and your mate think is best. I’m sure you have your answer, meds no meds,dogs no dogs,donuts no donuts.Call if you want to do a meeting. I’m going to Long Beach, tonight.

  9. No… wait… stop… Let me wipe the tears away… I can’t stop laughing. HAHAHAHAHABradley knows how I feel about tiny dogs. If the dog is not a miniture or standard size (puppies don’t count here), don’t bother me with them. I don’t like “dogs” that can fit in a handbag. “Dogs that are small enough to fit in a bag are called puppies.Clueless, you are heading to the top of my list. I LOVE big dogs. German Shepards are my favorite.Caroline, have you seen “Blade 3”, they have a vampire Pomeranian ( Vicious looking little monster ain’t it?! I was laughing so hard when they showed this thing in the movie, I almost wet myself. Someone had a fun time writing that one. LOLBradley, I gave your pills a good soapy scrubbing last night. ;-)Peace & Love Y’all!

  10. Nope.You didn’t get me.I don’t see you asking permission, I see lot’s of indecision which we all have but I see a lack of confidence which belies your exterior. I believe in you no matter what you feel.Now how bout a meeting?Your friend John

  11. I will make sure and cross off small dogs from the birthday list I had going for you Bradley 🙂 Dave doesn’t like them either – LOL – did something happen in Paris I know nothing about? winkFeel better – the shaking sounds horrible! I’ll be sending good thoughts and prayers your way.Kim

  12. lol, my husband hates those dogs too, he calls them hairy rats(well, really any small dog he calls them that). I’m not a big animal person(funny though I used to be a big one), I think they’re cute, I just don’t like to be around them much, I do prefer cats but I’m allergic. There is one kind of Chihuahua I’ve seen though that is really really cute, I have no idea what kind it is, but it was small yet husky instead of skinny like most of them.ok, now that I’ve written a mini novel on your comments page…I really hope the meds work for you and the shaking stops. And good like with your couples counseling, maybe it’s just your time of the month, that’s when I’m bitchy LOL.

  13. I utterly loathe all rat like dogs. My theory on their shaking is that they know that they should have their asses kicked. Just saying….

  14. I’ve always wondered why little dogs can’t walk, by that I mean trotting is their slowest speed? Anyways good luck with the anxiety. I know you’ve probably heard this a million times, but exercise does help me, just walking even helps reduce it. Another thing that works for me…get in the SUN, not sure why but if I just get outdoors into the sunlight(even just sit) it helps.

  15. How did you and your doc come to the conclusion that what you’re experiencing is anxiety and not mania? Just curious because I am so anxiety ridden these days. Today I feel like I must do something so I conclude I’m manic. Maybe it’s anxiety…?

  16. Hello…my first time visiting and I have to say you have a great style of writing. This Chihuahua Syndrome post, is fantastic. I am sorry that you are dealing with the shakes. I have depression and anxiety and I do tend to get quite shakey when the anxiety hits….now at least when I have the shakes I will be able to think of how I seem like a Chihuahua and perhaps take myself a little less seriously!

  17. @ Chica – Some are having probs with my RSS feed and some aren’t. Generally the ones that are seem to be that are going through Atom, but I’m not sure how it works. I’ve been working on it for weeks.@ Melissa S. Welcome! I’ve checked out your blog and it’s wonderful. You have a delightful writing style as well.

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