A Quest In The Night

Last night I was surfing the net and there was her picture. She was beautiful. She only lived two blocks from me but I’ve always been able to resist her. Last night was different. She called to me like a siren calls ships to the rocks.

It was nearly midnight but I had become enchanted by my thoughts of her. I put on my shoes and began the short walk, imaginging how sweet she is more and more with each step. Then finally, there she was. I was standing before her mythic home covered with bright lights and lottery posters. I had reached the donut shop.

It’s not a pleasant place. As I said, there are lottery posters everywhere, as well as posters for phone cards and everything else you can imagine. I looked around the store and saw nothing but ne’er do wells and scalliwags sitting about. What other types would be hanging out in the donut shop at 12 midnight? I’m glad they would see that I looked much better standing in my running shorts and ratty jacket.

The apple fritter was as good as I imagined. Crispy on the outside and sweet and gooey on the inside. When I was done I had sugar all down my jacket and my hands were covered in sticky sweetness. The store was out of napkins so I was forced to lick each finger one by one, savoring each.

When I left the store I had to stop several times to catch my breath and to regain my composure. It had been depressed all day and ate twice as much as normal. That tends to be a norm for me and one that I’m working on. I know all the tools to prevent that from happening but I made no attempt to thwart it yesterday, however.

Before I left, Maurice asked if I wanted to make popcorn. I told him no. On my return home from the donut shop I could hear something going on inside the neighbors apartment. It was the sound of popcorn popping. I love popcorn and without salt and butter is OK with me.

So, today I learned a lesson. The next time the opportunity arises..take the popcorn, dammit

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  1. Quite an interesting read there Bradley, I like how you write your posts, you have a good writing style.Anyway, onto the more important stuff, I guess you got a well learned lesson, always take the popcorn, good luck in future with that!Ant Gold

  2. I wish you were not so good in desribing things. Now I want an apple fritter more than anything in the world, and I don’t even like them. I’m glad you enjoyed it so thoroughly. Just get “back on the wagon.”Hoping today is a better day.

  3. I love how you wrote this. I don’t like apple fritters, but I want one NOW!!! I really like the end about eating popcorn, damn it!!!

  4. I could relate so completely to this, just swap noon for midnight and it would be a day in the life… :(Hope you feel better today Bradley

  5. What’s an apple fritter between friends? Eh – at least you enjoyed it! Personally I need my popcorn with both butter and salt.

  6. Apple fritters Willie and I eat them(or I do) all the time. Today I resisted, my 55 year old stomach has a hard time with them. Discipline is cool when we attribute it to Buddha but not when we try to apply it to our own lifestyles.Practice makes perfect and we aren’t striving for perfection but at least a little self-control goes a long way. Our bodies will appreciate as our minds also. We are what we eat plus so much more! Love as usual Mr. John

  7. Hehe, I’ve been lying here all night feeling sick and queasy all night, but now I’m feeling sick, queasy, and HUNGRY FOR APPLE FRITTERS!What are doing to me Brad, teasing me with your tasty fritters!~Shiv

  8. Oh, Bradley, how I have missed thee! Sorry I’ve been MIA around here. BTW–did you know that you don’t have an RSS linked to your website? I can’t get it to post at mine. Anyway–missed you! Hilarious post, my friend!Luv,Chica

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