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Why this title? Because it’s what I was singing on Friday as I crossed the parking lot when I was leaving my pdoc’s office. Why? I’ll get to that. First, let me tell you other stuff going on.

Weight and Fitness

This is a happy post, so no comment.


I know it seems I’ve been working on this novel forever – it does for me. But, I see the end of the tunnel ahead. There’s a publisher I follow because most of their books are in the genre I’m writing. Many of you read part of this in my post last week, but here it is in a more coherent manner, plus further down you’ll understand why I’m repeating myself.  They’re seeking:

Male/Male Romantic Suspense (Ongoing Miniseries)

The same heroes travel from book to book

Each book contains a happy-for-now

Each book contains an independent suspense arc

There is an overarching suspense and romantic arc running through the miniseries

As soon as I read this I was excited because, to start, they are only asking for 7,500 words or more for the first novel. That’s unheard of these days. Most publishers aren’t interested in anything but a full manuscript. It’s rare for them to do otherwise, including this company. I’m writing the final laps of my novel, so putting together my first 7,500 words was a breeze. Now comes the hard part. I now need to submit:

• A detailed synopsis of the rest of the first novel

• A synopsis of the rest of the books in the series (I plan to submit three)

• A synopsis of the overarching suspense and romantic arcs that runs through the series.

• A traditional query letter, which must include a briefer synopsis of the first novel.

In addition, because I now must have an overarching storyline and romance, I must fit them in the first novel, which means some major changes are necessary.

How am I handling this? That’s the cool thing…It’s taking all my time, I’m doing little else, I’ve spent several sleepless nights, and I’m loving every second of it.

I must add that the publisher expects a Facebook account, a Twitter account, and a website, all related to the writer/novel, so I’ve had to set those up separately. I’ll give links soon. So, why am I writing most of this all over again? Read below and you’ll know.

Loving my Psychiatrist

I met with my pdoc on Friday and did so with a specific mission. I had planned to insist he stop seeing me every month and start prescriptions for 90-day supplies of meds. Maurice asked if I wanted him to come with me, because my pdoc usually listens to him more than me. I told Maurice that I’d handle it. My pdoc and I have been down this road before, so I expected a lengthy discussion, followed by frustration.

I didn’t have to ask.

As usual, he asked me how my writing was going, and I described everything above in detail. He pushed back his chair, turned to me and smiled and said, “You’ve come so far, I’m impressed. I remember when you were so confused that we wouldn’t allow you to ride the bus because you kept getting lost. I am so happy to see you doing so well.” Then he added, “What do you think about me not seeing you every month?” After sitting there about 30 seconds with my jaw to the floor, I said, “I’d love that. I think it’s time.” He agreed. He emailed my 90-day prescriptions to the pharmacy and then…oh my god, then…he scheduled our next appointment for May!

I wanted to grab him and give a big hug but had the good sense to hold back.

I don’t know if my novel will sell to this publisher. I don’t know if it’ll sell to any publisher. But, as my therapist said, there is no lose in this situation. “At best you sell the mini-series they’re asking for. At worst, you can say you finished a novel. Neither is bad at all.” He’s right, no bad scenario at all.

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  1. I think this is the most upbeat you’ve sounded in a loooooooooooong time!! Everything sounds good. YOU sound good! Makes my heart happy.

  2. I’m so happy to read all of this Brad! Reading about your interaction with your pdoc brought tears to my eyes! I remember those days of confusion and you have made incredible progress! I’m so happy for you. I especially love the end statements about how there is no lose. If we could all look at life that way, we’d be a lot happier.

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