Blue Monday

I’m depressed again today. Yippie! This roller coaster is so fun. I’m real lethargic today and edgy. The temperature has dropped so I can’t blame that, dammit. I much prefer to have something to blame. I just plain feel blah.

Thank you to everyone who has left comments. I appreciate them very much.

I think the diet is going ok. We’ll see in about a week or so when I have my next doctors appointment.

I have plenty to rant on about today, but given the way I feel I think I’ll take a nap instead.

2 comments on Blue Monday

  1. Heya sweetie,Just caught up on a week’s worth of posts – it’s really good to see how you’re doing and I suspect, over time, you’ll begin to see patterns emerging, and, hopefully, evidence of improvement/stability. I’m really pleased to hear you have a good relationship with your “Psych” (the Brit-slang for a Psychiatrist) – it makes all the difference.Did you know, there are a host of famous people, living and dead who are/were bipolar. Just like with alcoholics, there seems to be something about being bipolar that creates brilliance, especially in the creative field – writers, artists, actors. Notably Robert Louis Stevenson, Mark Twain, Winston Churchill, Vivian Leigh, Edgar Allan Poe, Florence Nightingale, Isaac Newton, and Vincent Van Gogh (see ). Looking at that list it seems you are in good company! When I consider people like those it makes me reconsider how we define “disability” as one can hardly label any of these remarkable people as lacking ability… and I know that you don’t either Brad – you also are a remarkable person although I suspect you aren’t aware of that.Right, must go – I’ve a three year old cowboy here who’s lost her horse, so Mummy needs to stand-in for it 😉 Big hugs, Cxx

  2. Hi, I love the cartoon on this post. I can *so* relate. You stumbled upon my blog and my ‘100 things’ so I thought I’d come over and read yours. I cant wait to catch up on your posts and get to you and your blog. 🙂

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