OMG It’s Hot!

Just a few days ago it was cold and today it’s up to 95F. What the hell is that about?

Church service was a mess today. It was our ministers day off so we had a guest minister who was Christian. Now there are Christian UU ministers, just like there are Buddhist UU ministers, Pagan UU ministers, etc. However, most respect that not everyone in the congregation is of the same belief. Not this one. I felt like I was in a Baptist church service. Not being a Christian I did not enjoy it at all. Most of our congregation is not, but I’m not sure what others thought. I do know that Christian or not, he made no damn sense whatsoever. I never did figure out what he was talking about.

Our minister, who I adore, will quote and tell stories about Jesus. However, he does the same of Buddha, Mohamed, etc. All spiritual leaders who we can learn from.

I started the day about a 7 or 7.5 on the mood scale. I was real bitchy in the morning. I calmed down in the afternoon either ’cause my new drugs kicked in or because the heat exhausted me. I think it was both. I’ve been kinda back and forth and back and forth so I’d probably give the overall day a 6.5. I’ll just round that up to 7, I guess.

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  1. Bradley!!! I LOVE you! And I’m so glad you’re keeping your fans updated through this blog.Gotta watch out for those Christians! They get me all hot under the collar too! Seriously, though, Christians that think Jesus is the only game in town is why I rarely use term for myself. Sometimes I’ll say “disciple of Jesus” other times “Catholic” (but that comes with it’s own set of problems). Setting up my Facebook page recently I said, “Zen trained Catholic with Daoist philosophy.”Hugs Darling!!!

  2. Hi again Bradley -Making my Monday morning blog rounds 🙂 I love the weekend pictures! Makes me yearn for the ocean breeze and a simpler, uncomplicated Monday most definitely.Breathe deeply and enjoy your day. Sometimes chaos just enters our life to make us think a bit – at least that is what happens to me.Hugs,Kim

  3. Brad: Thank you so much for telling me about your Blog(is that the right term?) I read all of the first page the newest comments that you’ve written and some of the older ones. This seems so good for people. Please write back or call and we can do another meeting. I miss ya guy. I didn’t even know some of the stuff about the church, that’s how out of it I am. Got to check my fantasy baseball team now. Love always even if you say you hate me. John

  4. Heya JohnYep, blog is the right term. Basically an online diary, which is really kind of nuts if you think about it. LOL. I don’t hate you, my friend. You just pissed me off once. As for the church, that was just a personal opinion of mine. Would love to do a meeting with you.

  5. I remember the good old days when we fed the Christians to the lions….*sighs*Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to look back fondly….and leave my Aleister Crowley books out to scare the missionaries away.:-DHeya Jubi!! I’m similar…a Zen Lutheran Taoist Pagan….who threw away the Lutheran a while back. While I love what Jesus taught, I find it said that these days not many teach what he actually said.Brad, I love your blog….it’s been wonderful reading since I don’t see you much in world anymore. Thank you for keeping us updated. And hang in there….or…errr….let go? Depends on the day, huh?

  6. That’s… Wow. Where the hell did they find the guy? I mean, I was raised UU and still hold rather tightly to a Universalist view in my personal theology; I can’t imagine a UU preacher with Baptist leanings.

    But then again, I left the Unitarians for good after attempting to start attending in my early twenties and found myself surrounded by new age dingbats. Maybe it was location: I tried three or four churches and fellowships in SF, Oakland, and Berkeley, and got tired of hearing about what a wonderful human being Deepak f*@#&!$in’ Chopra is.

    Ultimately, I found myself happier hanging around the hookers and crack dealers and drag queens and shopping-cart loonies over at Glide Memorial in SF. Attending (and volunteering at) Glide was the nudge for me that said, “Hey, wait a minute: christians aren’t all hypocritical judgemental bigots in $1600 suits. It’s just the ones on TV.”

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