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Where Do I Begin?

It’s been such a while, I have so much going on that It’s hard to decide where to start:  First:  My bipolar is more under control, but still not where I’d like it to be.  I still have manic days and depressive days, but the pendulum doesn’t swing towards manic as much as it use too. Despite the fact […]

How Was Bradley Part II

When I ended my tale yesterday, the roller coaster in my brain could no longer handle the ride. I was “smart” enough quit a good career; “intelligent” enough to move to a strange city; “brilliant” enough to live with a lover in a loveless relationship, and made alcohol and drugs my best friends. I was […]

Back On My Feet Again – Mostly

The worst of the food poisoning has passed, thank God. It still feels like there was a boxing match inside my body, but at least I don’t feel the sickness. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone…well, actually, to be honest, there’s a few I would wish it upon. Melissa from the high school, for example. […]

Crash and Burn

Would you like a $50 gift credit card? Sarah, at Bipolar-Lives.Com is offering a contest related to famous people with bipolar disorder. Her blog states: The Famous Bipolar People Contest encourages research and reflection. A $50 gift credit card is being offered to give viewers an incentive to do more than just passively consume celebrity […]

I’m Telling Everyone

Here’s an old joke that’s still one of my favorites: A man walks into a confessional Man: Forgive me father, I have sinned.Priest: Please tell me, what was your sin?Man: Last night I had sex with a pair of college coeds.Priest: Oh my, that is a great sin. When was your last confession?Man: I’ve never […]

Feeling Good but Staying Cool

Here’s typical pictures you’ll find on most drug ads and websites that explain dealing with major depression and bipolar disorder: Who wouldn’t be depressed after viewing pictures like these? It must be a conspiracy by the drug companies. Boy am I feeling great today! Our niece is back with us and probably will be for […]