Back On My Feet Again – Mostly

The worst of the food poisoning has passed, thank God. It still feels like there was a boxing match inside my body, but at least I don’t feel the sickness. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone…well, actually, to be honest, there’s a few I would wish it upon. Melissa from the high school, for example. Damn, she was a bitch.

It’s kind of hard to say with being sick, but so far it looks like increasing my Abilify has leveled me off a bit. Damn! I’ve said it over and over, but I really enjoyed that manic high. I’m still running a little over, about a 7 right now on the mood scale. We’ll see how the rest of the day goes.

Had our second Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance Group yesterday. Woo Hoo! It went very well. We’re up to 6 people which was the magic number I was hoping to reach before I felt comfortable. Hopefully we’ll get more added very soon. As soon as our paperwork is processed and we are “officially” members of the DBSA, then we’ll get a link from their main website, which should bring more inquiries.

I have a lot on my mind today. Most of it reminiscing about where I’ve been since my disease became so pronounced two years ago and how much better I am today. I have to head out and meet some people to go over a web design then Maurice and I are taking minister out for lunch. Maybe I’ll share my thoughts this afternoon or tomorrow.

That’s about as interesting as it gets today. Hard to come up with much more when you’ve been in bed for a day and a half except for those mad dashes to the restroom.

8 comments on Back On My Feet Again – Mostly

  1. Bradley, Glad to hear the Abilify is working and hope you keep some of the energy. Thinking of you! Annie

  2. You tell me where Melissa from high school lives. I’ll give her an East Coast ass whooping in 2.2 seconds.

  3. Glad the meds are working and that you are feeling better. Food poisoning…the worst pain that I’ve ever felt and I’ve had 7 surgeries. Food poisoning bad. Meds good!! Glad to have you back, missed you around here.

  4. My readers have been Bradley free so I had to come here and see what happened myself. Glad you’re feeling better.One thing for food poisoning though, its great for weight loss

  5. great cartoon, bradley! glad you’re feeling better, too. I may e-mail you with some questions about the dbsa, okay? thanks-etta

  6. I’m glad you’re recovering, Bradley. Food poisoning sucks….that’s my brilliant and eloquent thought for the day. Although, as Girlblue says, it’s good for weight loss…lol.*ducks*Miss you in the “other” world. Take it easy, my friend.*hugs*

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