Don’t Put That In Your Mouth!

Nothing witty.
Nothing profound.
Nothing interesting.
Just a bad case of food poisoning.
See you all on Monday.

I’ll spare you all the details – I think you know most of them. But since I was so sick all day I have no idea what my mood was other than shitty. I have no idea what it wouldn’t have been otherwise.

10 comments on Don’t Put That In Your Mouth!

  1. Where did you eat? I’d like to avoid it. And the silver lining: your bound to lose weight!

  2. Group went great. We’re now up to six people. To say everyone had a good time wouldn’t be accurate, but it seemed like everyone found it helpful.

  3. Argh, I’m so so sorry I missed this and didn’t send you any positive energy at the time! ~Shiv

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