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Beginners Guide to Bipolar Disorder

Class is in session. It’s time for the beginners guide to bipolar disorder. Being diagnosed with bipolar disorder or depression is scary. You’ve probably known something just hasn’t felt right for most of your life, but weren’t sure why. Now you know. For me the diagnosis was both scary and a relief. I was relieved […]


When I decided to write an article on motivation I thought it would be easy to research. Boy, was I wrong. The most common suggestion I found was to exercise. EXERCISE? If you struggle to get out of bed, if you can’t take a shower, when you can’t open the blinds, how the hell are […]

Bipolar Disorder: What is it?

I created a page on my blog explaining what bipolar disorder is. I decided, since there are many misconceptions, about bipolar that I would go ahead and reprint it as today’s article. Here is my quick and easy guide about bipolar disorder. I am not a physician and do not work in the medical profession. […]

Feeling Down Down Down

This whole blog thing is driving me crazy.  As I got well over the years I found myself writing less and less.  Lately I’ve been getting hit hard by major depression and it always makes me think of my blog.  The problem is that I just don’t have enough energy to actually do some writing.  […]

Dealing With Us

Loving a person who is bipolar can be difficult at times. I’ve seen many people who have a loved one who is bipolar handle it well. Unfortunately I frequently see some who do not handle it well. Below I’ve shortened a list of do’s and don’ts from the excellent Depression and Bipolar Alliance website, plus […]

Back On My Feet Again – Mostly

The worst of the food poisoning has passed, thank God. It still feels like there was a boxing match inside my body, but at least I don’t feel the sickness. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone…well, actually, to be honest, there’s a few I would wish it upon. Melissa from the high school, for example. […]

I’m Telling Everyone

Here’s an old joke that’s still one of my favorites: A man walks into a confessional Man: Forgive me father, I have sinned.Priest: Please tell me, what was your sin?Man: Last night I had sex with a pair of college coeds.Priest: Oh my, that is a great sin. When was your last confession?Man: I’ve never […]

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