Feeling Down Down Down

This whole blog thing is driving me crazy.  As I got well over the years I found myself writing less and less.  Lately I’ve been getting hit hard by major depression and it always makes me think of my blog.  The problem is that I just don’t have enough energy to actually do some writing.  I’ve been very frustrated lately. 

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  1. I make that five lines, Bradley, which is pretty good going, all things considered. Frustration during a depression, for me, means I have a hell of a lot to say and little ability to put it down on paper. Or screen. And sometimes that is mostly because I feel like I am saying the same rubbish over and over and I don't feel that people want to listen to the same rubbish over and over. In fact, there are a few people out there who care enough to listen to me regardless – or at least humour me – and that has made me feel safer and less frustrated by those pent up things. If frustration was a shape, I think it would be a circle, and sometimes somebody comes along, snips at the circle, and it unravels. And then I am able to breathe and talk again.I am not going to say crass things to you; stuff that normally makes me want to punch people's lights out. But I will say that I am listening, as ever. x N

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