I’m Telling Everyone

Here’s an old joke that’s still one of my favorites:

A man walks into a confessional

Man: Forgive me father, I have sinned.
Priest: Please tell me, what was your sin?
Man: Last night I had sex with a pair of college coeds.
Priest: Oh my, that is a great sin. When was your last confession?
Man: I’ve never been to confession. I’m Jewish.
Priest: Then why did you come here to tell me this?
Man: My God, I’m 84 years old! I’m telling everyone!

I didn’t have sex with a pair of coeds, but I had a great day yesterday and feel like telling everyone. You can probably tell from my previous post that I was very tired. A short time later I was even worse. I didn’t look like something the cat dragged in because no self respecting cat would have touched me. Then, something changed…I got a second wind and became a whirlwind. Not just a whirlwind, but a highly productive one. Anyone who reads my blog regularly (which should be everyone) knows my busiest days are my least productive, but not yesterday. I got a lot of things done I put off.

1. Started with two loads of laundry, of course – check
2.Reserve block of rooms at a hotel for a convention I’m organizing in January – check
3.Called churches & med centers for location for new Support Group I organized – check
4.Found a church that looks likely to be an available location – check
5.Gave myself time to play on the blogosphere – check
6.Went to an AA meeting – check
7.Got out and went for a walk – check
8.Received calls from people interested in supported group and actually answered the phone and talked with them – check

…and the list goes on. It’s the first time I felt fully satisfied at the end of the day in a long time. Well, that’s not true. I’ve felt satisfied, but that’s an entirely different conversation.

I still didn’t eat as well, so I dread stepping on the scale next week. I don’t want to see that bar take a major dive to the left. But we’ll see. Hell, even if I gained or stayed the same, it will still be less than it would have been otherwise.

I am confused by my new meds. They are suppose to have almost no effect reducing your metabolism. That may be true but I am so damn hungry. CRAZY hungry. I don’t know if there’s a link, but it seems like it all happened at the same time. Now, call me crazy, but increasing metabolism but wanting to eat everything in the fridge, in addition to the fridge, seems like a wash to me.

Once again, I got very little sleep last night. Around 11:30pm I was nodding off in my chair and by midnight I was in bed expecting a full night sleep. 3am hit and I was awake again. I mean wide awake. I tried to go back to sleep but failed miserably. I did some things around the house for awhile and then went out for my morning walk.

I am enjoying my walks now. This mornings was very nice. I did walk straight to Starbucks, but that’s beside the point. I did have a muffin while I was there, but that’s beside the point. The point is, I’m moving about (I hope people are buying this).

I have learned one thing about walking, and exercise in general. Stretching makes a major difference. I’m sure I’ve heard that at least a thousand times in my life, but I sometimes don’t listen to things I’m suppose to do. I hope I remember to listen to that rule again tomorrow, but if not, I’m sure I’ll have an excuse.

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  1. Great! Maybe isolating what works and trying to repeat it might be good. Not that you haven’t thought of that before. Thanks for your support!Mr Hablinshur

  2. What meds are you on? That’s happened to me on Abilify, Seroquel and Zyprexa. Can you rub off on me a little? I need to get things done, too. LOL

  3. Seroquel didn’t have that effect on me. Went on Abilify due to weight gain. I’m careful about talking about meds though, as you know different meds have different effects on different people.

  4. I’ll be returning to work soon like probably tomorrow so I’ll be sending fewer messages maybe none but I want to thank you for the service you are doing in helping others, god bless you! John Stephen

  5. Hey there!Cool! Another mentally defective drunk! I’m glad you found me, and now I found you! Great post! Keep moving! As you’ve probably guessed based on my blog, I’m a big proponent of moving!!etta

  6. Ha Ha Ha, I love you too…:) I think it’s the same way you have me keep coming back to your site..It’s cool and every time I’m on, I learn something…see ya

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