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Serenity and Exercise

Exercise is good for us and helps with depression, anxiety and a host of other ailments. Yeah, yeah. We’ve heard it all before. So what’s new? What’s new is a recent study, reported by the New York Times, that shows that where you exercise may be as important as when you exercise. Many, many moons […]

Walking off Depression

Boy, do I love to walk. More specifically, I love to walk along the beach. Long time readers may recall, at one point that I walked on the beach strand nearly every day. Rarely did a day go by that I hoofed it less than five miles. It was instrumental in helping me lose ninety […]

Fitness Update June 16, 2014

Medications can wreak havoc on the metabolism of those of us being treated for bipolar disorder or depression. 50 lbs is the typical amount gained by those who begin treatment. Therefore, I have begun this weekly fitness update for motivation. Motivation for those of you out there struggling with weight, and more specifically, motivating me. […]

Biology of Bipolar Disorder

While many of us know in our hearts, and minds, that bipolar disorder is the result of a chemical imbalance or some other dysfunction in the brain, each day I meet far too many naysayers online who insist it is a character defect. They use anecdotal information as proof that we are being spoon-fed disinformation […]


Loneliness has been bugging me lately. It’s a strange thing. I believe, in most peoples head, the word “loneliness” conjures up a picture of a person sitting alone in a room feeling sad. That’s fair. But, someone wiser than me once said, “There’s nowhere more lonely than a crowded room.” I can’t remember who said […]

What Kind of Week Was It?

Well, it’s the end of the week and I’ve had it in my head that it’s been a good week and was wondering what I could post about today. Then I realized something – I have totally ignored my food intake and my exercise this entire week. I don’t know what my weight is currently, […]

Weight:: Trying to Reach the Goal

I’ve been hovering around 285 pounds for some time now. Not being one to take responsibility for my own actions I’ll blame it on being on a plateau. Don’t worry, this post will not be a pity party….ok, maybe a little. I walk every day so certainly those regular Ben & Jerry indulgences wouldn’t have […]

Xtreme Blogging

Here and there some nosy so and so will ask how much time I spend online. It’s question that you’ll occassionally hear about television, but never seems to carry as much disdain. This is completely understandable since having intelligent conversation with people all over the world is much less important than some hack lounge singer […]

Mania, Depression & Weight – Oh My!

My mania and depression are out of control. Ever take one of those small roller coaster’s that you think are going to be an easy ride, then you find it bumps and shakes and is more nerve wracking than a large one? Damn! I hate those, but that’s me these days. Nothing too high, nothing […]

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