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Here and there some nosy so and so will ask how much time I spend online. It’s question that you’ll occassionally hear about television, but never seems to carry as much disdain. This is completely understandable since having intelligent conversation with people all over the world is much less important than some hack lounge singer belting it out on American Idol. Then again, maybe it’s not their disdain and I just feel insecure about the question myself. Hmmmm …nah, don’t be silly. The following numbers are to satisfy my own natural curiousity and should never, ever be considered as an attempt to justify my actions. That would be just plain silly. I’d never do that. So, I put pen to paper and here’s what I came up with: each day: Each day after getting up I grab a light something for energy and water, then go for a walk. When I return I eat a little more and begin reading blogs.

I have some excellent blogs I read every day, most of which you’ll find on my blogroll. Some days there’s very little written and it only takes me 15 minutes. Other days, they may have written a lot and it can take as long as 45 minutes. I’ll be generous and give it the 45 minute number.

After reading my regular posts I then try to read about 30 minutes of blogs I’ve never read before. These are usually people who have left comments on my blog, or comments I like on other blogs I read. These I always hope are crap because the regular list of blogs I read daily is already long enough. Unfortunately that has not been the case lately.

After all that, I have to write my own blog. I know you are expecting me to say it takes hours to churn out such shear brilliance, however, this can only take as long as a few minutes to an hour. For our purposes here I’ll go with 30 minutes. It can also take an additional 30 minutes if I decide to do a little research, as I did on today’s post.

Here’s how my blogosphere time breaks down:

  • Reading regular blogs: 45 minutes
  • Reading new blogs: 30 minutes
  • Writing my own blog: 30 minutes
  • Researching for my blog: 30 minutes

  • Total time in the blogosphere: 2 hours 15 minutes

I see these numbers and I wonder what all the fuss is about. The typical American has their ass on a couch watching television for 4 hours a day. This is based on numerous studies, one of which is by Solutions ResearchGroup

I don’t know what it’s like for my friends in other countries, but I doubt their top shows are much better. Want people to read more? Here I am, reading some damn good stuff.

Blogs are an excellent outlet for those who are disabled like myself. I know of several who I blog with who are physically or mentally disabled. I’m sure it appears to some that my time spent here could be just as easily spent on a job so I won’t be on the government payroll. That’s understandable, but they don’t know a few things. First, 75 minute time frame that I listed spending on the blogs and such would not be possible for me to do at once. My broken, crazy bipolar brain just can’t handle that. If I try to read regularly or watch a movie my brain feels like it’s being ripped into pieces by someones hands. I usually have to watch a movie over a period of two or three days because it’s so painful. In case you have a hard time converting word to visual, saying that something feels like having your brain ripped to pieces is a shitty way to feel.

So for now, my guilt….uh, I mean curiosity, is resolved. I’ll continue to share my crazy antics and even more importantly, enjoy the blogs of so many the world over.

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  1. I’m glad that you wrote this because lately I’ve had a few comments about well if you can blog why can’t you work or read your Bible. You explained it. Also, with blogging I get to determine when and how much time. I can take a two hour nap after exhausting my self reading and then there are the days when I can’t read or even focus enough to watch a YouTube video. Heck, I still can’t watch television let alone a movie…since, I can’t focus this is a necessary social function. By the way, there are a few studies that says that blogging is good for your mental health especially those with mental illness, so šŸ˜›

  2. Bradley, I think you are great – no matter what. I enjoyed this post, and I don’t feel so bad about my online time now.

  3. Bradley,I, too, read a number of blogs every day…usually early in the morning and late at night. And I don’t feel a bit guilty about doing so. The Internet seems to be the only place in the universe where anyone can be “published,” there are so many options to choose from, and we can pick who we want to read. What a treat it is.Susan

  4. And a whole new world view opens up to me because of you.love, Michelle’s dad

  5. Oh, great…another terrific blog to add to my list of regular visits. I’ll have to start sorting them out into odds and evens and visit on alternating days.Thanks for the good read, Bradley, and also for helping put the whole blogging experience into perspective.

  6. Some days I can’t focus at all, and some days I “microfocus”, so in the first instance I don’t even turn my computer on, and in the second instance I will spend 4 or 6 hours (maybe 2x per week). I guess it averages out, but I worry that my kids will get the wrong idea and think mom’s a slacker.

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