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I’ve been hovering around 285 pounds for some time now. Not being one to take responsibility for my own actions I’ll blame it on being on a plateau. Don’t worry, this post will not be a pity party….ok, maybe a little. I walk every day so certainly those regular Ben & Jerry indulgences wouldn’t have any effect. I’m sure of it.

Last week I had reached 283 pounds and was very excited. I just needed to lose 2 more pounds and I’d reach 50% of my first goal of 24 pounds. I’d be in bed with my head under my pillow if I had to think of losing over 100 pounds, so I break my goals into smaller pieces.

There’s one factor that’s been working against me. Because of some test results that didn’t look good I currently can’t eat vegetables. It’s an all meat diet for now until the second set of tests come back. My potassium level shows it’s running dangerously high.

I slipped into the bathroom to pee. I didn’t want that extra weight causing any problems. Then I approached the scale looking it square in it’s face. My mind was focused on this blog and being able to post I’d reached the 50% mark of my goal. I was certain I was successful. Remember, the Ben and Jerry’s was offset by my walks.

The scale was already set at 280 so that was a good sign. I knew I’d get on and just have to adjust it a little to get it at 281. I stepped on and NOOOOOOOO the lever didn’t budge. Not even a smidgen. I was sick to my stomach but I started sliding it forward. Did I lose 2 pounds? No, I was at 285 again, which means I’d gained 2 pounds back. I waned to rip apart that bastard scale.

I tried to think positively about the 8 pounds I’d lost, but I was feeling dejected. Obviously that evil scale hates me. Now I have to lose 4 pounds to reach my goal of 281. I know that eating smaller portions and exercise are the key factors to losing, and the Ben & Jerry’s must not touch my lips. I need to show that damn scale, once and for all, who’s boss. Any other suggestions as to how I can shake these few pounds? I’m willing to try almost anything.

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  1. When you weigh yourself, is it the same time everytime? That makes a difference. Our bodies naturally can fluctuate by 4-5 pounds during the day. Don’t do anything drastic with your diet. You will just mess up your metabolism and body chemistry with short-lived results. Continue to exercise, limit the snacking, eat lean cuts of meat or eat chicken breast and fish (not fried) and reduce the refined sugars and flours. Don’t be so hard on yourself…I believe in you and your ability to get there. Be patient with yourself. Talk to yourself like you would me saying the same stuff to you.take care,Clueless

  2. No diet tips from me. Richard Simmons didn’t pick me out and hug me because I’m svelte.Good luck. Ben and Jeryy are eveil. Ok, maybe not Incubus and Succubus evil, more like WalMart evil. Just sayin’

  3. @clueless Thanks for the response. Most of the things we should do, we know, but just don’t want to do. Need a little kick in the butt now and then. I’m not really as hard on myself as I come across. More disappointment without getting on my case. @old man I’ve been considering doing the Richard Simmons thing and dancing to music in the afternoons. I think I can do that without Richards high pitched squealing and sparkly work out clothes. Ben and Jerry is proof that the devil will not show up with a tail and pitchfork.

  4. I’m going through the same thing now…I’ve gotten…ugh do I have to say it…overweight….ok FatI hate dieting…but I just say to myself I got fat one day at a time, now I’m getting back to normal..one day at a time……Just have to be hungry…and go through it…AAAHHH I hate it!!!

  5. I have to say that there was a point in my life that I weighed 190 lbs. I’m 5’3’and currently 110 lbs. My best suggestion is stay positive, optimism beats all and a few set backs are normal, including Ben and Jerry’s ( which I sooo love). I found it easier to reward myself after a set goal. I would say “I’d loose 5 lbs and at that mark I’m going out and eating onion rings and fried shrimp” and when I lost it, I’d do it…Losing weight is a bitch, and like Alan said take “one day at a time”…Lotsa luck….-hugs–

  6. Losing weight is a challenging process. A lot of people are always looking for quick fixes; well, some might manage to lose a few pounds but others never did. It is not the quick fix but rather a change of lifestyle and eating habit. From what I could read from your post, you are already changing your lifestyle by introducing walking as an exercise. You have also watched carefully what you eat, except the Ben & Jerry. I'm not saying refrains from it totally (you still need to reward yourself for reaching your goal) but maybe to cut it down slightly more or to introduce a little more exercise routine or covering more distance on foot?And I agree with Clueless and Dani, got to keep the positive outlook at all time. I truly believe that you can do it too. You have come this far.

  7. I love “Clueless”, what great stuff and kind too.We are in different ballparks here(I weigh 150 to 155lbs. most the time and am 5’6′) but I’ll tell you what I do. First I try not to eat between meals. Mealtimes I try to eat with my mate plus I eat what she makes. She was vegetarian for some years. She eats sensibly, usually we have no desert or little. I frequently cheat on this but my trips to the Y.M.C.A. seems to manage my indiscretions. I exercise to what I consider a difficult routine once a week at the Y.M.C.A. sometimes for as long as three hours frequently using the steam room and sauna.It’s very difficult to advise some other adult about what you would do if them, we just aren’t the same. I mean what would I start with???Don’t be bi-polar! It just doesn’t work. What I have tried to do in the past for things that try to hi-jack my life is to listen to practical advice by professional people. I also try to read things that are good for my soul. As you know man does not live by bread alone! Currently I’m reading ” The Daring Young Men On the Flying Trapeze” and other stories by William Saroyan. Sorry this is so long but love and death seem to take up some time. One final word, congratulations on what you have done. You’ve lost weight just not as fast as you wish but you’ve still lost!

  8. I just wanted to let you know I sent you an email today, and it bounced. For some reason it took like 5 hours, which is weird, too. Not to worry, I had no answer anyway. Just wanted you to know about it. I’d assume it was just a glitch.

  9. @michelle I agree. I think Clueless is great. As far as your eating and exercising…you inspire me.@Dani & bk I agree staying positive is extremely important. Just not always easy to do.@old man I did eventually get your email. Thank you for your help with my technical issues.

  10. I’ve had similar weight/depression issues. However, I think the number on the scale is often given too much weight (ummm…no pun intended), since muscle is heavier than fat. Since last Fall, thanks to biking and yoga, I’ve gone from an XL to an L in t-shirts, pants that were tight are falling off, and my protruding belly is simply gone. Know how much weight I’ve lost? I haven’t. In the process of getting in shape I gained ten pounds. And I feel great.

  11. I work with someone who got this little gadgety thing that she puts on her arm and it monitors how many calories she loses as a running tally all day long. Whenever she’s on the phone, she stands up and moves around (it kinda looks like she’s doing a little dance, walking in place), she said that she does the same thing watching tv. Basically, she keeps moving all the time–not strenuous exercise, just sorta marching in place and stretching her arms and stuff like that. She said she’s lost 20 lbs. doing that.Keep up the good work. Love the blog.

  12. Ok, here you go….If you don’t you don’t have one of those little trampolines that you run/bounce on, get one. You can watch a movie, TV, your neighbors, what have you and jog/bounce for 20 minutes a day. If you have access to a pool, water aerobics are good also. My sister lost 80 lbs doing that twice a week over a four month period.Isagenix has a nutritional program that is really helpful to in flushing anti-oxidants out.I like your determination in this struggle Bradley. Screw that damn scale…..

  13. What can I say…I struggle with my weight daily, so on some level I truly understand…someone once told me how/what we eat is a decision we make therefore loosing weight is a decision …I just haven’t decided yet, at least not very day…this person said it has nothing to do with will power and everything to do with conscious decisions…makes sense…having said that you are doing your best…I know you probably don’t want to hear this but try not to beat yourself up over it…I hate the damn scales…I think there is something wrong with mine…:0)I wish I could help!!!Cheers

  14. I gained a lot of weight due to medication. Now I take Wellbutrin XR and I have lost a lot of weight. Wellbutrin is an anti-depressant, but it also stops your craving for food. It helped for me, maybe it could help for you.

  15. swimming is a great way to burn a whole lot of calories and work all of your muscles at the same time. Do 5 laps every other day to start. I bet it will help you shed those pounds quick, coupled with smaller portions of course. 🙂

  16. i think personally the weight stays on and is harder to get off due to age and being on meds. i lost 25 lbs when i had pneumonia in february and not a pound since. not the best way to lose weight! i think you are smart to break it into small short term loss. for me, sleep is a big factor in weight loss. if i’m not sleeping well or for decent (like 8 hr nights)i will actually GAIN weight.i also noticed when i have insomnia and get up in the night, i eat toast or something. added calories when not paying attention.this is probably no help at all! but hang in there–oh and Richard Simmons saw me in Seattle one day and attached himself to me–I smelled like his cologne for days! LOL –that’s a whole post i could write about!

  17. Don’t worry Bradley, you’ll lose it. It’s just your body’s way of asking you “are you serious this time?” If you keep on, you will reach your goal. Congratulations on all previous progress. Progress is progress – Nards

  18. If you’re hungry you are not going to lose weight, your metabolism will slow down. Eat lots of fiber, read labels. Since you can not have veggies get fiber in the powder form and add it to everything. Fiber fills you and keep you from being hungry. Eat small low fat low sugar meals often 6 or 7 times a day. This will help your metabolism. I traded my nightly Ben and Jerrys for a big bowl of non fat yogurt with lots of fresh fruit. Kashi makes some yummy cookies and cereal bars that I use between meals, lots of fiber low fat low sugar. Congratulate your self everyday that you are up and working at improving your self, sometimes, with the meds that a near impossible accomplishment.

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