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If you haven’t been reading the blog Mom’s Crazy Life, then you’ve been missing out. You wouldn’t think that a gay man would be interested in a blog about a working mom with 6 kids, but Mom’s Crazy Life is one of my first reads every day. Why? Because she’s hilarious. This is not your typical mom’s blog.

The blogger, Dani, has an amazing sense of humor detailing her exploits running a household while she and her husband work different shifts to raise their children. How she is able to keep her sanity, I’ll never know. Perhaps that’s her secret to her excellent writing – maybe, I think she would agree, she’s lost her sanity.

Recent posts have included new born puppies, a painting on the wall and doing laundry. Sound boring? You’d think so, but not with Dani at the keyboard. She pulls it off with her amazing wit like I think noone can. It is no exaggeration that I consider her the Erma Bombeck of the new millenium.

Recently First magazine asked to do an article on her. This morning she had the photoshoot which she details in todays post. I can’t imagine anyone who deserves the extra attention more. I’m looking forward to the article.

Congratulations, Dani, you’ve hit the big time! Big Hugs!

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  1. Bradley, I can’t say how much this means to me. It’s an honor and I thank you so very much. I enjoy your blog as well and you too have always been my top “must” reads. You’re an awesome writer but have been an excellent friend to me too, and that I’m very grateful for. Thanks so very much again…–Hugs—

  2. @ dani You don’t need to thank me. I want to thank you for all the great laughs. How you write a blog with all you have to do is beyond me and to think you do it so well.@ Susan and bigd Glad to give you both the heads up. I’m sure you’ll be glad I did.

  3. Thanks for the heads up on Dani’s blog. I’ll read it when I have a free moment. Anyone who can juggle six kids and survive must be doing something right!

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