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Take A 290 pound man A campground with lots of steps, and rough up and down pathways. Drive from to sea level to 6800 feet (2072m) in less than 3 hours What do you get? A man who is breathless. This is the third year I’ve gone on this church retreat. The first year I […]

Crash and Burn

Would you like a $50 gift credit card? Sarah, at Bipolar-Lives.Com is offering a contest related to famous people with bipolar disorder. Her blog states: The Famous Bipolar People Contest encourages research and reflection. A $50 gift credit card is being offered to give viewers an incentive to do more than just passively consume celebrity […]

A Respite For The Day

I’ve been so busy this week that I have neglected myself the joy of reading the blogs of my many friends around the world. Today, I want to take some extra time and get as caught up as humanly possible between some web design work I have to do. I can only hope my millions […]

To Veg Or Not To Veg

Yesterday was a glorious day! I really mean it. Even though I had only 3 hours sleep, once again, it was wonderful. I stayed fully energetic. I can’t let the government find this out, they’ll make me go back to work. Bastards! My mood hasn’t been fully balanced in awhile, I really wonder what was […]

I’m Telling Everyone

Here’s an old joke that’s still one of my favorites: A man walks into a confessional Man: Forgive me father, I have sinned.Priest: Please tell me, what was your sin?Man: Last night I had sex with a pair of college coeds.Priest: Oh my, that is a great sin. When was your last confession?Man: I’ve never […]

My Drunks and My Nuts

I went to an A.A. meeting this morning. I’ve been sober for over 4 years but this was my first meeting in a long, long, long time. Did I mention it’s been a long time? Too long. It’s no exaggeration to say that A.A. saved my life. If I hadn’t gotten sober I never would […]

Hop On The Bus, Gus

A positive day for me. I haven’t been able to ride a bus alone for awhile. The past two times I did I got lost and was wandering the streets. Kind of like when I was a single gay man, but that’s a different story. We had couples therapy today and because of work Maurice […]

Now Even More Counseling

Maurice and I started couples therapy today. No, nothing wrong. We simply thought it best to talk to a therapist about my bipolar and how it affects our relationship. Basically trying to prevent things getting too crazy rather then waiting until they do. My part is accepting I am nuts and not feeling guilty he […]

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