To Veg Or Not To Veg

Yesterday was a glorious day! I really mean it. Even though I had only 3 hours sleep, once again, it was wonderful. I stayed fully energetic. I can’t let the government find this out, they’ll make me go back to work. Bastards! My mood hasn’t been fully balanced in awhile, I really wonder what was wrong with me, but I wont question it. In case I haven’t made it clear, yesterday was wonderful.

After three hours sleep I was wide awake again with my eyes looking like a Powerpuff Girl on crack. We found a new diner and what a treat. One of those greasy places where the servers worked in orchestrated chaos and they should provide a coupon for a free angiogram with every meal. It wasn’t easy, but I was actually able to put together a healthy meal that included sliced tomatoes on the side instead of delicious, greasy fried potatoes. We planned to go to the beach afterwards but came home instead and each got into our own groove. Eating well lately and walking 20 minutes each day now, I’m looking forward to the scale this week.

Here’s a little info for you from Dictionary.Com

1.a person who does not eat or does not believe in eating meat, fish, fowl, or, in some cases, any food derived from animals, as eggs or cheese, but subsists on vegetables, fruits, nuts, grain, etc.

Take note, nowhere does that definition say vegetarians eat chicken or fish. I frequently meet people who say they are vegetarians as they munch on shrimp cocktail and chicken fingers. ARGH! If you stick a chicken in the ground you wont get more chickens.

Simple rule, Folks: If it has a face, then it’s not a vegetable.

I bring this up because I use to be a vegan. Vegans do not even eat eggs or milk. No animal products at all. Yeah, we’re crazy. I was vegan until my bipolar disorder got too bad for me to cook. My only option was to then eat frozen meals and there’s primarily one frozen thing that they offer vegans: burritos, burritos and more burritos. I couldn’t take it any more and started eating meat again.

Now, it’s really bugging me. I mean I won’t even kill a bug. Spiders and such are picked up and carried outdoors. A cockroach or other bug like that I just ignore (it helps that Maurice goes at them like a marine). It’s all the Buddhist side of me.

How do I justify saving the lives of creatures who are barely more than vegetables with legs, while eating more intelligent animals? My Buddhist teacher pointed out that even the Dalai Lama eats meat. Well, la de da. That may be good for him , but I’m obviously better than that. My concern is am I ready to cook again? I keep forgetting when I have food on and to turn off the stove. I’d hate to do something on principle and leave the entire apartment building homeless. This is the big conflict I’m pondering today.

Two days ago, I provided some nostalgia by having a video from Schoolhouse Rock. Anyone who watched Saturday morning cartoons in the 70’s remember these being thrown in around the commercials. Today, I have a new one, but it’s a parody done by Madtv.

I read a article last week that said that too many children are being medicated just to keep them in control, but at the same time too many children who should be given psych meds aren’t reciving them. As a result I was conflicted on whether to show this. Finally, I made my decision because I think that it’s funny as hell:

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  1. I’ve met plenty of “vegetarians” who tell me they don’t eat meat, but don’t consider chicken, fish, and bacon as meat. LOL. Reminds me of the Mad TV skit when Miss Swan wanted the vegetarian platter with just a little bit of bacon.

  2. You are crazy funny!Okay so I’m a self proclaimed “somewhat” vegetarian. This means I take a nibble of meat every once in a while to satisfy my curiosity. School House Rock eh? I think they should put our pictures on the trains. . .You were in the service right? Happy Memorial Day!

  3. A vegan…wow!!! Lots of discipline and label reading. But, you could eat the total fake stuff with nothing real all artificial. I had a friend who was vegan…learned a lot from him. Now, he does tatoos in San Francisco.That video…just wrong!!! But, funny. Hey, you didn’t comment on how you made my day and gave you a big hug for number 3!!!

  4. Ha ha ha, that’s gonna be the new title to my blog. Dysfunction junction aka mom’s house. That was too funny but sadly true. Oh, ya and I’m a vegetarian that eats fish so I thinkI’m gonna declare myself a fishtarian or maybe a nemotarian..anyway..see ya soon..

  5. No, I was never in the service, but I’ll take bpj’s Happy Memorial Day anyway. I always enjoy well wishes. Happy Day to All!

  6. Thank you for bringing laughter to my day once again my friend, your witty comments bring light to an otherwise dreary day!!~Shiv

  7. Love your blog! Very interesting, in my opinion! Just thought I would say hello!

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