I Feel Great..Zzzzzzzzz

Like anyone in life, somedays I seem like a complete genius and other days I seem like a complete idiot. Since I’ve been running on three hours of sleep I’m sure you can imagine what I’m looking like these days.

I’m happy to say I did not wake up this morning at 3am, but the sad part is because that’s the time I went to bed. I had a beautiful nights sleep right up until 6am when I was wide awake again and feeling refreshed. I’ve never been one to wake up feeling refreshed so this is pretty cool. My body doesn’t seem to think so because it’s not long before things suddenly change. Ever have a day where you drank 10 gallons of Mountain Dew every hour? Me neither, but I sure as hell can tell you what it feels like. My beautiful, young, 44 year old hands won’t stop shaking. It’s hard to type these days. Seeing is not much better. I keep joking that Grandpa needs to put on his spectacles, but glasses wouldn’t really help. My eyes just want their blankets to stay closed for one full night.

I’ve mentioned the strange thing about all this. I LOVE it. Mania feels so good to me. I’m actually getting a lot accomplished. I feel like Superman sometimes. Actually, let’s say Spiderman. He’s much sexier. Even when I’m not getting much accomplished I feel like I am.

Yesterday at church I worked the patio during social hour, chatting it up and being the belle of the ball. I really was – just ask me. Reality is that my speach was going at warp speed. As always in this situation, it suddenly reaches the point where the sound and the crowd becomes maddening and I have to run for shelter. I found a nice bench in the garden where I shook like one of those ugly chihauhas (my apologies to all you chihauha lovers out there).

OK. So I know I should call my pdoc. It all started after a med change and I’m sure this is not the effect I’m suppose to have. But I know she’ll tell me to stop taking it and I DON’T WANT TO!!! Today is a holiday in the U.S. so I am happy that I have an excuse there. Then my meeting is Thursday. Since tomorrow is Tuesday, it seems silly to call when I only have to wait two more days…doesn’t it? Come on, doesn’t it?

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  1. I say enjoy your mania. What’s the harm? It feels nice to be euphoric and happy and feel on top of the world. Enjoy it! =)

  2. You are not really asking…you know the answer and yes, you are going to do the best thing for you…Enjoy until the doctor is back…they do have pagers if it becomes an emergency!! Otherwise, who you trying to convince!!

  3. I would say to call. It will put your mind at ease if the doctor says the reaction you are having is normal. Also, if not, maybe doc can suggest something to help you sleep.

  4. Btw I don’t know if anyone else is having problems, but your RSS feed doesn’t seem to be updating for me :(~Shiv

  5. I really like your mood meter. Reminds me of my own mood rating system to some extent but yours is definitely much more defined.

  6. There are three feeds on the site that I can see, two RSS and one ATOM. One of the RSS and the ATOM gives this:——There has been an error of some kind. Ack!FeedBurner could not deliver this feed to you because of the specific problem listed below:Feed Address: http://feeds.feedburner.com/burnthisrss.2HTTP Error (Code) and Message: (404) Feed not found error: FeedBurner cannot locate this feed URI.What can I do about this?1. If you are a potential or current subscriber, contact the publisher to notify them that their feed content is not available. This may be temporary problem that requires their intervention to resolve, or the publisher may have permanently removed the feed from FeedBurner.2. If you are the publisher of this feed, sign into FeedBurner and visit your feed’s “Troubleshootize” tab to view FeedMedic, our automated diagnostic report for your feed. A cause for the problem, and tips for troubleshooting it, may be found there.—–The other RSS gives me a blogger page saying “Blog not found”.The last post that I successfully got through the feeds was Tag – I’m It but haven’t had anything since then 🙁

  7. Bradley -I’m just glad you were able to come whoop it up at our Rez Day party! I have missed you in SL so much! 🙂 Maybe you need a good foot massage to help you catch those desperately needed Zzzzzs. How is McB with foot massages? Come to think of it – I would like one too please :)*hugs and sweet dreams*Kim

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