Three Is A Magic Number

I don’t know if Schoolhouse Rock played anywhere else around the world, but those here in the U.S. will likely enjoy a little nostalgia.

Three may be the magic number but it’s going to be the death of me. No matter what time I go to bed – nine, ten, eleven or twelve – I always wake up at that hour of three. Three exactly on the hour. The crazy part is I feel great! Maybe wired but great and full of a lot of energy.

My geeky husband, Maurice, is rebuilding his laptop this weekend so I was waking up this morning as he was going to bed (he becomes obsessed). Of course it was 3am. We’re both puzzled. There are no planes, trucks,trains or anything we can come up with that runs regularly at that time. My damn body just thinks 3am is a good time to rise and shine.

It wouldn’t be so bad except $850 in Los Angeles gets you an apartment the size of a matchbox, and that’s considered a great deal. When I wake up at 3am, I have to tiptoe around for 5 hours so I don’t wake my sleeping beauty. Usually I can at least get on his laptop in the next room, but not this weekend since he’s rebuilding his system.

I’m eating great! Much healthier, better portions and not as much. I’m also moving around much more – walking for God’s sake!!! I should be able to weigh myself on Wednesday. If I haven’t lost I’m going to punch someone.

My mood meter is a touch call for yesterday. I was all over the place like a tennis ball. For a bit I was a four, then a six, then three, then six, then four, then seven, and so on. I had no choice to choose the middle which came out to be five but in no way was I stable at all.

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  1. LOVE Schoolhouse Rock! Where did you find this? That’s it–I’m all over YouTube now looking for I’m Just a Bill!!Thanks!etta

  2. I just love you right now!!! Those songs, the original set, just makes me feel good. I have the set of the videos. Did you notice it was 3 minutes long!!! I’m not manic, but it is a symptom of depression and PTSD. I am waking up at 12:30, 1am, 2 am or 3 am…I’ll call you quietly at 3, so not to wake sleeping beauty. It is funny who you find here when they should be sleeping, but with the mental illnesses we have sleep is disrupted. It is so funny. Kinda feels like in the hospital when I would get up at odd hours and who I would run into…it was sort of fun…you make the best of what you can.I can’t want to play this again when I wake up, but maybe I’ll actually sleep…I’ll still come play this first thing. I’d give you a huge hug for this one!!! Your blog is so much sunnier…mine is midnight. After, this and I wonder how you could be so surprised at how serious it is? (just kidding) (((((hugs)))))3…is a magic number…a man and a woman had…

  3. Oh, oh, oh…I just went back to my blog for the evening and I had 30 hugs. 3…is a magic…Goodnight!! or Good Morning!! Whenever, you get my crazy messages.

  4. Bradley – What a find!! Hoo! Schoolhouse Rock! I learned all my conjunctions that way and how a bill becomes a law. Is there any better way to learn? 3 is magic but I had to double my luck and make my family 2 sets of 3. :)Thanks for the smile!

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