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I’ve got to accept it. I feel better when I eat meat, I lose weight faster, have more energy and have much better bowel movements (I’m sure you’re excited to know that). Anyone who’s read the book “Eat Right for Your Blood Type” won’t be surprise. I am type O blood which according to the […]


Take A 290 pound man A campground with lots of steps, and rough up and down pathways. Drive from to sea level to 6800 feet (2072m) in less than 3 hours What do you get? A man who is breathless. This is the third year I’ve gone on this church retreat. The first year I […]

To Veg Or Not To Veg

Yesterday was a glorious day! I really mean it. Even though I had only 3 hours sleep, once again, it was wonderful. I stayed fully energetic. I can’t let the government find this out, they’ll make me go back to work. Bastards! My mood hasn’t been fully balanced in awhile, I really wonder what was […]