Fitness Update June 16, 2014

fitness update
Medications can wreak havoc on the metabolism of those of us being treated for bipolar disorder or depression. 50 lbs is the typical amount gained by those who begin treatment. Therefore, I have begun this weekly fitness update for motivation. Motivation for those of you out there struggling with weight, and more specifically, motivating me.

Here is last week’s fitness update:

It was hit or miss this past week. Maurice and I spent last weekend at our church camp. Tried to stay good with all the chocolates, cookies, candies, chips, etc. that were available in the lodge the entire weekend. Can’t say that I was able to push it all away, but I did eat in moderation as best as I could. Don’t really think I did all that great, but did much worse in the past.

Had sweet cravings all this week so I caved a bit. Sweet cravings are normally not my problem, but I think they were residual cravings from all the sweets at camp.

The positive this week was exercise. There’s a lengthy hike from the lodge to a lake that is hilly (felt like uphill both ways.) On Saturday I went on the hike in the morning to socialize with friends. Then in the afternoon I hiked it again to spend alone time with Maurice. All those hills and being at 6800 ft elevation gave my lungs a good workout.

Upon returning home I continued with the exercise throughout the week so I felt confident that I’d be happy with the results. I’m surprised I didn’t lose more weight than I did, but when you consider how the week began, I’m not complaining.

The Statistics

Original Maximum Weight: 303 lbs
Goal Weight: 160 lbs
This weeks loss/gain: -2.4
Total loss so far: -46.2
Current weight: 257.2

For Those Familiar With Weight Watchers :

Total Daily PP Allowed: 48
Weekly PP: 49 Weekly PP Used: 10
Weekly Activity Earned: 58 pp

6 comments on Fitness Update June 16, 2014

  1. I’m glad you had a good week! Sugar really is addictive and dangerous for some of us.

    Good for you that you found ways to do all that hiking. I suspect for some of us, Newton’s law of physics “a body in motion tends to stay in motion and a body at rest….” is true for people too. Getting compulsive about doing exercise on a regular schedule often sees me being “good” for years. Eventually I fall off the wagon, but I feel better when I move more, which is motivating too.

    1. I’m with you, Jean. When that exercise regimen is going it seems to keep going, but once I stop it takes every molecule in my body to get it going again. Thank you for your comment.

  2. Bradley, 46.2 lbs is a serious amount of weight loss. You don’t need my encouragement, not when you’re achieving such fantastic results. Keep up the good work; it’s hard not to be proud of your effort.

    1. Thank you, Nav. It’s been an up-down struggle, but I’m still winning. Good to see you back.

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