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Pain and Politics

A couple of weeks ago a major event occurred – I had a filling drop out. I was happy that it only hurt a little so I put off having anything done to it. Dear God, that was a mistake. Two days ago during my vacation in the mountains I started to have a searing […]


I won the 5th grade spelling bee. Of course, it’s one of my proudest achievements in life. I continued to be a very good speller up until now. Suddenly over the past couple of months I’m having a strange problem with my spelling. Suddenly I’m spelling words like they sound. Today I caught myself spelling […]

Feeling Good but Staying Cool

Here’s typical pictures you’ll find on most drug ads and websites that explain dealing with major depression and bipolar disorder: Who wouldn’t be depressed after viewing pictures like these? It must be a conspiracy by the drug companies. Boy am I feeling great today! Our niece is back with us and probably will be for […]