Pain and Politics

A couple of weeks ago a major event occurred – I had a filling drop out. I was happy that it only hurt a little so I put off having anything done to it. Dear God, that was a mistake. Two days ago during my vacation in the mountains I started to have a searing pain on that side of my mouth. I’m not talking ordinary pain, I’m talking about feeling like someone has taken a tire iron and smacked it directly into your gum’s. I’m talking about feeling like a truck has driven over the right side of your face. I’m talking about feeling like a dentist has drilled your teeth but refused to give you Novocain. Let’s just say it hurts like hell.

Today I went to the dentist finally and was asked by the staff about half a dozen times why I was there. Now, I had filled out the paperwork telling them exactly what happened yet they found it necessary to keep on asking. Have you ever wondered why you bother filling out your paperwork in the lobby of any doctors office when it’s obvious no one reads it? Anyway, it was extremely painful to keep having to answer their damn questions, but the questions went on and on.

Finally after getting my X-rays done I was able to see the doctor. Literally 5 minutes and $90 later I was told that my tooth is infected and it will have to be removed. $90 for 5 minutes = $1800/hr. That’s about $1600/hr more than most therapists in the area. I’m sure it’s expensive for dentists to go to school, but how does this bastard sleep at night knowing he’s charging that much. I hope his kids enjoy the new cars I’m helping to pay for this Christmas.

So for now, I’m home in pain and waiting for my tooth to be extracted on Monday. I don’t know if I can make it. Maybe I’ll just try tying my tooth to a door knob and slamming the door shut. At least that will save me a couple of hundred bucks next week.

A Word About The Election…

This is not a political blog Obama so I will try and refrain Obama from discussing politics during this upcoming Obama political season. Since this is a Obama blog about mood disorders, I feel it just Obama doesn’t fit to discuss politics. I admit, I am a Obama political junkie, so it might be difficult Obama for me not to mention the election from time Obama to time, but I will do my best to refrain from Obama doing so.

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  1. Hmmm…I feel like I was getting subliminal messages. I suddenly know I need to vote for Obama! LOL…that was quite funny.Oh, I am so sorry about your tooth pain. Don’t pull it yourself…you can do all sorts of damage to the roots and nerves..then it will cost more. I guess, it is no matter how long the consultation rates are the same like with physicians. Next time, speak more s-l-o-w-l-y!! And ask a lot of questions, like your options, what will happen, how long have you been doing this, how many times have you done this procedure, etc…maybe, you will feel like you got your money’s worth then.When I was about 9, I was on vacation when I had horrendous tooth pain (I needed a root canal), but we were in the middle of the vacation Utah. My grandfather bought a bottle of whisky and cotton balls and I kept putting that into the gum area for the rest of the trip!!! I don’t recommend that, but maybe the pain killer medication that I hope was prescribed during your $90.00 visit.

  2. All I have to say is that I fell for ya. There’s nothing more miserable then a bad tooth.P.S Loved your political

  3. I admire your restraint, politically speaking. And offer deepest sympathy for the tooth pain. I’ve been reading your older posts, since I’m new to this blog and I’m addicted now. (Thanks to Dani for the link.)

  4. Dear Bradley:Maybe that tooth ache has a direct relationship to being to sweet on Obama. Not to mention diabetes is going out of control now a days. FIRST TIME CHECKING OUT YOUR BLOG!You have a good sense of humor and I will let you slide on being a Dumocrate. Heck some of these medications can cause some serious delusional behavior from time to time anywise {Smirk}.Yours TrulyStan

  5. Feel better Bradley! Dentists are a rip off, and then when in pain what else can we do? Wellness writer has a good idea about a community based clinic, they often have a sliding fee scale as well.

  6. Here’s a post I wrote about Pfizer’s million dollar view at the DNC. Big Pharma has funded Obama big time. There’s something very powerful with money and the Government, and having psych med CEO’s be such a major presence at the Convention really is alarming. It is riding the wave toward the new DSM-V where many life situations and emotions are going to be diagnosed and medicated, which is a grave concern of mine: medications for the wrong reasons, when these meds are strong mind-altering chemicals. Needed by some, but often over-prescribed for some who don’t need them.Antipsychotics are the ones that are being sent down the pipeline for MDD (depression), anxiety and more. Imagine an antipsychotic rx’ed by a PCP for depression? if the consumer is not informed before the drug was given, they may not know that antipsychotics have a black box warning, and shorten life spans by 10 -25 years.Sorry, I could go on and on! (I take psych meds, and have a lot of opinions!)

  7. So sorry to hear about your tooth. For that amount of money, they should be able to do root canal work, and save it. Personally, I can’t believe they’re waiting so long when you’re in such pain!Since I know you’re on disability, have you thought about going to a university dental clinic? I imagine it would be far cheaper, and extraction shouldn’t be such a big deal.Just a thought…Obama that!

  8. PS- my dentist sent a letter threatening to take me to “dental court” for inability to pay, and I had to remind him of bankruptcy. I pay 25 bucks a month and he should be happy I do.Especially after threatening to sue me! (for 800 bucks).

  9. Sounds like you don’t have dental. I didn’t for a while, now we pay for it. It does not pay to put off health issues does it?Some of this stuff is just about growing up, it doesn’t have to do with mental health it has to do with responsibility. Society has a responsibility to its citizens and if we are in poor health due to faulty policies maybe it’s time to change the policies. Health care is not an issue it’s a life and death and certainly a quality of life matter!

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