A Couple of Good Things

I’ve not been doing well on my diet lately. I’m looking to reach a mini goal of 275lbs. That would be 75% of my goal to lose 24 pounds. I haven’t been exercising lately and my eating has been too many sweets. The good news is that I’ve been stuck at 277 pounds and haven’t gained any weight back. Just 2 pounds away from my mini goal. Because of the severe toothache I’m having, which has resulted in my inability to eat most solid foods, maybe I’ll reach that goal without even trying.

The other good thing is that I was able to conduct a meeting last night without completely losing it. There’s an annual convention that I volunteered my church to host coming up in February. There is much to organize from hotel rooms to food to transportation, and I was able to put a committee together to help make the convention successful. Normally I’m the type that doesn’t reach out for help enough and ends up doing everything and bitching that I got no help. This is a big improvement for me and I’m very proud of myself. I was rapidly talking and sweating due to a high anxiety level but I didn’t become manic like I normally would. It also would have been easy for me to become depressed during the day while trying to organize the meeting.

I’m loving the fact that I’ve been balanced this long. It feels good.

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  1. So glad you’re on a roll, Bradley =) That’s great! I have my fingers crossed for you that your 275 goal comes relatively easy. You’ve done so much work to get there already.And I really hope your success in conducting the meeting gives you a bit more confidence about your abilities to handle a job again sometime in the future? The same sorts of skills are needed ‘eh. And really, if you can handle a committee w/o going nuts you’re doing better than 99% of the people I know.

  2. “Normally I’m the type that doesn’t reach out for help enough and ends up doing everything and bitching that I got no help.” Oh man, are you related to my partner? At least you’re self-aware about it! Just reading your post I feel proud of you and I don’t even know you. You make us care. I think that’s called being a writer.

  3. Unbelievably good stuff. I’m very proud of you. I do have an idea of how hard life can be whether bi-p. or not but what your accomplishing no matter who or what you are is wonderful. Keep that word in mind: wonderful!

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