I won the 5th grade spelling bee. Of course, it’s one of my proudest achievements in life. I continued to be a very good speller up until now. Suddenly over the past couple of months I’m having a strange problem with my spelling. Suddenly I’m spelling words like they sound. Today I caught myself spelling “should” as “shood“, spelling “heard” as “hurd“.

In additon to creating my own words, I’m also experiencing exchanging words that sound alike. Writing such things as “We have a guessed coming over for dinner

The other thing I’m catching myself doing is writing like I have dyslexia. I’ll send instant messages and find that what I typed are almost incoherent. Also when I post on Message Boards I find the same thing has occurred. I’m much more careful on my blog here. I reread it probably a dozen times before I hit post. Even then I find I have to go back and correct things.

Now, I think the English language should be changed so that we write things the way they sound. Such as “cat” should be spelled “kat”. However, I’m well aware that is not what we do today.

I’ve discussed all this briefly with my pdoc but I think I need to bring it up again. It may be because of the meds I’m taking. Who nose?

We had some family drama last night (no not Maurice and I), so I think it’s why I slept so badly. I kept having very vivid dreams that kept waking me up. Today I feel depressed and took a long nap, maybe it is depression, but it could be I’m just exhausted. Let’s just say my mania from last week has calmed down for now.

I used the oven again today. After taking my food out I only left it on for another hour. I admit, though, it’s only because I heard the thermometer clicking and not because I remembered. I may want to reconsider using the oven for now and going back to the microwave only.

It was just declared that my man Barak just won the primary in North Carolina. Indiana is still close but still early to call. I’m going back for more nail biting moments on MSNBC.

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  1. I love your cartoon Bradley πŸ™‚ I need a copy of that to use for work! Hang in there with the spelling. Maybe a few wires got crossed inadvertantly when you were rocking out to Alanis last week :)*hugs*Kim

  2. Hell, Brad, I’m not on medication and I can’t spell for beans! And I dislexic my words constantly! I haven’t noticed doing hte sound alike words though πŸ™ You mentioned family stuff, hell just thinkig of my blood relatives much less dealing with them send me into a tizzy :/But, yeah talking to the doc sounds like a good idea anyway…*hugs*Jubi

  3. I’ll see you your bi polar and up you a brain damage! *giggle* I will share with you what I have to do in order to use the oven: I have to set the timer on the microwave. When that goes off, I know I have to turn off the oven. Now, all I have to do is remember to turn on the timer on the microwave! LOL Love your blog!

  4. My native language is not English is why I am using my sick rite whip ons – SPILL CHICK!! LMAO

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