Where Do I Go From Here?

I’ve been pondering about my blog.(This is the point where you visualize me sitting in a meadow rubbing my chin and gazing at the clouds) I’m worried writing only about bipolar and my struggle with it will be difficult to sustain. That will always remain my purpose for this blog, but I don’t want you or I to get bored with it. I’m having great fun and hope are too. So what other things can I share?

Politics? I love the thrill of politics but will come across as a complete fool trying to debate. Besides, I can imagine some of the responses I’d give differing opinions in the comments section if I’m manic.

Info About Mental Health Articles? Snooze. I’ll probably do that here and there anyway, but as a regular thing? Snooze again.

Artistic ability? That would make this a comedy blog. I use to write and paint but it was long ago and with the high quality that already appears on the net – I ain’t touching it. Speaking of artists – I love reading Zathyn Priest’s blog. He is a novelist, who also happens to live with bipolar. I normally have a difficult time reading long posts, but love reading his blog “A Never Quiet Mind”. It’s listed on the sidebar here and I highly recommend checking him out. I mentioned doing cartoons and I still plan that. I guess that’s kind of artsy.

News? Dear God, I suffer enough with depression.

Weird and Wacky News? It’s fun to read those, but how often can I respond with “There’s a real goofball. Har Har Har”?

Light Musings about Everyday Life? I’m no Ellen DeGeneres, though, so I’m not sure about that one.

What do you think? Any other ideas?

My mood today? Depressed. I’m wavering between a three and a four. It’s dreary today and that always brings me down. I’m sure if I was tested it’d be determined I suffer from SAD (seasonal affective disorder). In fact, I have everything else, so I can guarantee that I’d test positive for SAD. Remember, everyone gets the blues, but depression is the blues on steroids.

After a horrible night sleep and with this dreary day, I think it’s time for an early lunch and a nap.

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  1. The thing I did when I started my blog was to provide a way to express my journey. My hope and goal was to connect with others. I also felt if I did not get my story out I would explode. I needed to write. Now, I feel like I am finding a voice. It is like a small child: sometimes shy, other times loud, careless, funny, bored, even angry. It is me. I encourage you to get and read the book “The Artist Way.” It is helping me to recover my creativity. The idea is within. Until it is revealed, write about what you know. Just don’t stop writing.

  2. Hi, found this via Shiv’s blog. Zathyn is a dear person indeed. i write whatever needs to get out of my head. sometimes, it’s (my journal reading junkie)pharma stuff(to be informed, not judge) and then it’s me. or my life w my daughter(s). just go with it, it’s an online diary, life sorting out, and somehow we find as a result we are not the only ones living this life.Take care,stephany at soulful sepulcher

  3. I’d say the same as the others pretty much. I actually started my blog as a place that nobody knows about but me and one other person that I trust. I have never been one who has been comfortable with therapy and I love to write so I figured I’d try the blog thing. Sometimes I write about how I feel or things in my past other times I write about my teenage son who is also bipolar or my daughter who plays hockey and sometimes I just write about stupid bullshit because I dont feel like writing about anything too deep. I’d say the most important thing is that you write it for YOU, not those who read it. It was hard for me at first too because I thought “omg who in their right mind would want to read this crap?” but that is the beauty of it – it is for YOU. If other people happen upon it and enjoy reading it, GREAT. If there are posts here and there that dont get comments, so be it. Sorry for rambling….I’ve been quite wordy lately šŸ™‚

  4. Thank you so much, Bradley, for your kind words on A Never Quiet Mind.When I first started my Blog it seemed my brain was an ocean of thoughts and feelings just waiting to spew out into cyberspace. I think the majority of Bloggers find this when they first decide to share their world with readers. It IS difficult to sustain that kind of productivity and eventually we all sit staring at the screen hoping for enlightenment and something out of this world to Blog about.Be true to yourself and what it is you want to say. Whether that has to do with mental illness or whether it has to do with a peaceful walk to the local store. I believe most people read Blogs because they want to connect with the writer on a personal level. Fabrication can be read anywhere on the Internet…it’s honesty, emotions and realism people want. At least I know that’s what I look for in my favourite Blogs.Best Wishes,Zathyn

  5. Love the comic!And “depression is the blues on steroids” so brilliantly put!I’d say don’t restrict yourself to what you want to write, go where the muse takes you and let your blog evolve naturally. It’ll soon find a niche of it’s own :)Love your mood meter too, great idea!Take care my friend,~Shiv

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