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Clear Skies

  The impending doom feeling that I had in my previous post has cleared.  The world is still spinning, I can hear children outside playing.  All is good from my perspective.  It really was a horrible feeling and I’m glad it’s gone.  In fact, my depression is much lower this week.  I still feel that […]

Doom is Back

I had a good weekend, overall.   Friday night Maurice and I had a nice dinner and then went to see a movie.  Saturday we drove to the desert to visit his parents and had a good time, and Sunday we had lunch and great conversation with friends.  The weather was hot but we had beautiful skies.   […]

Impending Doom

I worry. I fret, I fear, I agonize, I stress, and I get anxious. For the last several days, however, I’ve been dealing with something I’ve never felt before – impending doom. I don’t know where’s it’s coming from. I don’t know why I’m feeling it. But it’s there, looming over me ready to strike. […]