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What do I Want to do?

What do I want to do? Over the years I’ve written a few posts about returning to work. In the past couple weeks, it’s come up again with my pdoc and my therapist, so I am bringing it up again. I hope my long term readers will indulge me a bit. Over the years there […]

Neurotic People Prefer Inaction

A recent study published in the April edition of The Journal of Personality suggests that people who are neurotic avoid making decisions that can improve their lives and accomplish their goals. Why do they avoid these decisions? Well, based on the study, they don’t accomplish acting towards their goals because they don’t want to. or […]

Doom is Back

I had a good weekend, overall.   Friday night Maurice and I had a nice dinner and then went to see a movie.  Saturday we drove to the desert to visit his parents and had a good time, and Sunday we had lunch and great conversation with friends.  The weather was hot but we had beautiful skies.   […]