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Frequently when depressed it’s impossible to laugh at anything. Sometimes, however, a good laugh is exactly what we need. That is why I keep a list of humorous blogs for just such an occasion. One such blog is at the top of my list for daily reads and that is “Crotchety Old Man Who Yells At Cars.”

From television, the battle of the sexes, medicine, politics, sports, telemarketers, and so on, you never know each day what the Old Man is going to write about. One thing you can be sure of is that it’s going to be funny and probably not politically correct.

One of his favorite subjects is his love/hate relationship with Richard Simmons. If you love Richard then this is the blog for you because you’ll get plenty of him. If you hate Richard then this is the blog for you because the Old Man is merciless.

Wednesdays have become one of my favorite days. This is the day that the Old Man takes it easy. He just throws a picture on the blog and has a contest for the best caption. The pictures themselves are usually hilarious, but add in the comments by his readers and you’ll probably find your sides hurting from laughter.

Because of the variety of topics the Old Man covers, it’s difficult to do a complete review of his blog, other than to say once again that he’s damn funny and you don’t want to miss it, especially when you need a good laugh. And when do we not need a good laugh?

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  1. I love Da Old Man, too 😀 His site rocks. Never fails to have me LOL, for real!And indeed laughter, even just a little giggle, can make even the worst situation/day OK. May not always last long but it doesn’t matter because that one moment has so many benefits – real physical ones too like lowering blood pressure.

  2. You’re sure right about laughter. Norman Cousins “cured” him using “laugh therapy.” I sure will check out Da Old Man.Susan

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