Damn Depression is Back Again

My fellow Vincent here is pretty well expressing my mood the past couple of days. It’s been hard to write and also hard to read. I miss the days where I was really manic. Those are the days where I felt I did my best writing. When I’m depressed like this I’m just too blah. I was able to have the energy to clean the bedroom and the living room this morning, but then I started to go down hill. I’m pretty much in a bad hole right now.

So, I’ll have my pity party now, curl up and may attempt to watch a movie or just take a long nap. I have to avoid eating as a way of comforting myself. It doesn’t really comfort me but can be so damn hard to resist overeating when I’m this down. I hope to be back at it soon.

I will still be writing Uncle Bradley’s Words of Wisdom tomorrow, so if you have a question, be sure to let me know via the comments section or email me tonight.

14 comments on Damn Depression is Back Again

  1. Seems like half of us bloggers could join the pity party and the other half could decorate and bring balloons and dj and… You’re not alone Bradley.Hope you can get out of the sucky ole dumps quickly.

  2. Bradley, you are such a special soul and I hope so much that you get better soon. It’s awesome that you posted. A lot of times I’m not able to do that when completely depressed.I hope tomorrow is much better for you my dear.

  3. Hi Bradley,I hope you get to feeling better real soon. Just not a good feeling at all. Music seems to help cheer me up. God Bless You Always!

  4. Hang in there! There is a significant relationship between depression and creativity. Sounds as if you know your own cycle and therefore are dealing with it as well as can be anticipated. Know your posts give hope to many who are also dealing with bi-polar depression and/or other illnesses.

  5. @Anonymous I’m loosely familiar with it. I presume if I was a doctor I would be more educated on it. I’m not a doctor, though, I’m just a guy giving my own personal opinions. Nothing more.

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