Deep Sadness and Disgust

I woke this morning with a heavy heart. I’m sickened, and ashamed of our nation. That is something I never dreamed I would ever say. I do not jest when I say that Maurice and I have already begun searching for a new home. Canada’s immigration laws are too restrictive. Certainly there is someplace we can go.

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  1. check into central american countries, especially Costa Rica and Panama, as well as South American countries, like Ecuador and Chile and Columbia. I have researched these myself, but being that I may be found as not disabled in future redeterminations, and therefore would lose my income, I have not actually put these plans to move into motion. Costa Rica has a great infrastructure and in the cities has all the amenities of home, plus living in the tropics, yay! Ecuador is also similar. and Panama is as well, but is more expensive and requires a minimum income higher than others. Costa Rica has the smallest minimum income which is only $1000 USD per month from a guaranteed source, deposited in an American bank. Income can be SSA, SSDI, Gov’t pension plans, and maybe some others but i am not sure. Emigrating to a first world nation is extremely difficult. they generally don’t want to accept immigrants unless they are working in the country and meet income guidelines, or are extremely rich. hope this gives you some ideas….food for thought anyway.

    1. Being gay and Maurice being a black man is the reason we don’t want to stay and fight. More than I think we can handle.

    1. Yeah, I’m sure New Zealand would be wonderful. There is a possibility we can get into Spain. It’s something we’re looking into.

  2. As a half black woman, it weighs heavy on my heart as well. I’m disgusted and worried beyond belief. I hope that we all can still stick together and make it through these hard times using love instead of hate.

  3. I was not prepared for the level of grief I’d feel about the results. As others have mentioned, I want you to be safe. No information to offer about other places to go. Know that I’m here and up for brainstorming, supporting, etc in any way possible. Many hugs

  4. Oh Bradley, I’m so sorry you are feeling this way. You just left a very comforting comment on my blog because you read I was having a rough day :). Thank you for these words. Now it’s my turn to say them to you : “Just hang tight and it will pass. I know that’s not always comforting to hear, but it’s true.”

    You can check The Netherlands. The language won’t be a problem because everyone speaks English πŸ™‚
    Many places in Germany are really affordable to live but if you don’t speak German, it’s NOT easy to survive.
    Spain is great!
    (And many countries in Europe have agreements with the USA so working and staying shouldn’t be a problem. You can check a tax office there and ask for information about it. It’s easier than what you think πŸ™‚ )

    hugs <3

    1. Thank you for the info and the comforting words. I’m having a hard time applying them to myself, but I’m trying.

  5. I would suggest South Africa, but politically I think that’d be like jumping from the frying pan into the fire. I’m so sorry your new government elect is….well…. Donald Trump. Even we NEVER expected it

    1. I think most of the world is in shock now. My daughter lives in England and says her friends all thought it was a big joke because they never thought Trump could possibly win. We were all wrong.

      1. We’ve been having big debates about the outcome here in the office. Lots of global doom and gloom I think. I cannot comprehend how he got voted in. I bet the conspiracy theorists are going wild right now. I’m sorry Bradley, that you feel threatened and vulnerable to the point of wanting to move. Sending you love <3

  6. Bradley
    I would hope that the new administration here in Canada would relax some of the restrictions. We just took in a huge number of Syrian refugees. I don’t see why refugees from our closest ally shouldn’t get the same respect and privileges. I know you and all others feeling as you do would be welcome. I even have a home on the market… {hugs}

    1. Thank you for your comment Lydia. As I said on a different post, I’ve always loved Canada. I fell in love after working a long project in Vancouver for the company I use to work for. I would be thrilled if Canada would relax their restrictions, but considering what a strong ally with the US that they are, I doubt it. Wouldn’t want to make waves.

      1. I live a half hour away from Vancouver. Yes, sadly, you are right. We haven’t heard from Justin Trudeau as of yet and only a few days before the election he was tight lipped when asked who would win or what his feelings were on the subject. I know he liked and respected Obama.

      2. Don’t give up on Canada. The immigration site crashed last night but it is up and running and the government has said they will do what they can to help the American people. I don’t know exactly what that means, but don’t give up!

  7. I second the Costa Rica suggestion. I had a friend (who is also bipolar) move there for a few years. I’m not sure about the immigration aspect of it, but she did tell me how affordable it was (she received SSI while living there), the weather is great, except for rainy season, and most of the people are very friendly. Some of them have problems with “gringos” but not many. Lots of American’s have moved there and have businesses there. Meat is a little expensive, but veggies and fruits are cheap. She was also able to find a doctor to help with her medications. Since she didn’t have citizenship while living there, she did have to leave for 1 week every 6 months I think? But she would just go to Belize for a little vacation and come back to Atenas, where she lived. Just thought I would put my 2 cents in. I am in mourning myself over this situation. I feel lost and scared,not to mention let down. I hope we can get through this.

  8. unfortunately the move to the right seems to be worldwide. I was devestated with the latest elections in Australia. The rabbid right have taken over and it feels like a free for all on the vulnerable. Everyone knows our shocking treatment of refugees. I’m ashamed to be Australian. I understand how you feel xxx

    1. I heard Australia was moving to the right also. Sorry to hear that. I understand the feeling of shame.

      1. Brexit not good, and the popular movement in europe bit worrying too. Shame you can’t go to Canada – that place rocks politically now! Do you think the election would have had a different result with Bernie Sanders?

        1. People will disagree with me, but I don’t think Bernie would have done any better. In fact, I think it would have been worse. The US is far from being ready for a socialist in power. He kept saying he’s a democrat socialist, but if you have to always tell people the difference they’re going to tune you out. If Joe Biden had decided to jump in at the last minute I think he would have won it.

  9. I guess I would choose Mexico. It would be the cheapest place to live. But I think you underestimate the power in the gay community. They are the strongest advocacy group in this country. The LGBTQ community has faced worse things than Trump, like Reagan refusing to acknowledge the AIDS epidemic. I don’t think Trump (or most of his white supporters) care about gay people. He’s got bigger fish to fry, like revenge against his alleged enemies. And dismantling Obamacare will be a total disaster. Gay people have fought long and hard for their rights — just like black people. Neither group will let all of that struggle go to waste.

    1. I’m not nearly as upset over Trump himself. It’s the millions who voted him in that scares me. Excellent points though

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