Did OK Yesterday

I was very manic yesterday so I was kind of productive and kind of out there at the same time. I wasn’t in the mindset to really be able to do anything so I just refined the look of this blog and read and left messages in Community Boards.

That seems to be the #1 thing I do when I’m in a manic state, I spend a lot of time in message boards. It’s because it’s so hard for my mind to focus on one thing and message boards allow my mind to just dart all over the place. If it’s a long post then forget it. Trying to read long strings of words or hearing someone talk to me for a long time is excruciating. It feels like someone has reached inside my head and is ripping my brain apart. Not fun.

I got in a fight with a good friend earlier in Second Life. If you’re unaware of Second Life, it’s an online community. Basically a chat room with graphics, though some people make money in it. I was in a power struggle with each other and it didn’t go well. I wasn’t nice and I pretty much said I’m done with Second Life. I have enough to deal with in Real Life. I didn’t delete my account though. I’ll wait til I cool off and see what happens.

I did OK eating yesterday. I ate healthy and light except I took a good friend out for breakfast. The omelet I had wasn’t too bad, but more than I should have eaten. It’s a start. Not going to beat myself up over it. I didn’t exercise though. Shame on me.

I’m in a book club and I’m the leader this month. We read Brokeback Mountain, which is really a short story. We meet next week and I’ve got to put together questions for discussion. I’m still manic today so it won’t be easy, but I’ll try and force myself. Later tonight we meet with our gay couples group for dinner. I’m the chairperson for that, but fortunately others have taken on a lot of the responsibilities. I’m dreading it but there are good friends and I always have a good time once I get there. It’s not all that much in one day but I feel like I’m being pulled in a thousand directions.

Pic and a mood meter graphic are coming but Blogger is having problems allowing graphic uploads today. Hopefully it will be fixed tonight or tomorrow.

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