Some People Just Don’t Get It

Finally, here’s a picture of my glorious self. It was taken just a few days ago:

I prefer not to be that scruffy. In fact, just today I had the beard and mustache cut back significantly. I’ll get around to posting that.

Something’s been buggin me since I got an email recently from one of the older ladies at my church. In the email she mentions that she never knew anyone who was bipolar and wants to know what it is with younger people.

WTF??? I wanted to tell her that of course she didn’t know anyone bipolar because in her day they were all wearing straight jackets and locked in the loony bin. Instead I said the same thing but in a diplomatic way. I reminder her of when people would have their crazy aunt who was up in the attic or the relative who was sent away but never seen again. That’s where the bipolar people were in her day, but we were called just plain ‘ol crazy. I admit, many would still call me crazy today and they’d be right.

Let’s give this some thought: People have diabetes and they take insulin for it. People have kidney problems and need dialysis. People have computer problems and need to do a reinstall. Well, you know what? The brain is a helluva lot more complicated than any of those things so, why the hell do people not get it when it doesn’t function properly?

I’m more than a little concerned about a concert I organized that’s coming up. I arranged for a female choral group called Vox Femina to sing for charity. Last year, with little effort, we chose a charity and it received $700. This year I upped the goal to $2000 and the money will go to Children of the Night. That should be damn easy, but not so far we’ve hardly sold any. My experience tells me not to be concerned at this point, but it’s freaking me out anyway.

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