I Got The Blues

Feel like shit.

We had a table set up today, as we do every Sunday, and didn’t sell a single one of the concert tickets. The LGBT church group that I’m chairperson of is fizzling out. When we first got it active we had 30 people attending but it dropped as expected. But now we’re lucky to get 4 to attend our meetings each month and two of those are me and my husband, Maurice.

We had some great success within the church while we were in full swing, but I think it’s time to let the group fold. Despite all the success’ the group had, I have to conclude that the the group has failed. The two token gay men (Maurice and I) are the ones doing all the work at this point. Our congregation is extremely loving and very welcoming but clearly there was no importance or impact made regarding gay issues/rights.

When the group was founded, I was voted in as chairperson for two years. Those two years are nearly up and I have no one to pass the legacy to. This makes me very sad. I shed a few tears in the restroom before leaving church this afternoon.

We’ve got the concert coming up next month and we offered to host the national convention in February 2009, but beyond that I think it’s time to move on. I’m spent.

A friend pointed out that my post yesterday only served to reinforce people’s stereotypes that those diagnosed with bipolar are completely crazy. She’s right and I need to correct that. Hopefully I’ll feel more up to it tomorrow.

I’m going to have my little pity party for the rest of this afteroon, But I’ll post a video that I never get tired of and always puts a little smile on my face. Not being a fan of Mad TV I’m surprised how hysterical this is.

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