Still the Blues But a Little Better

I posted a pic of me the other day. Thought I’d post another of me from just about two years ago to compare:


That’s a big gain. Going to take awhile to get back to that. I really do need to get a better pic than the current one. I’m really not that scruffy and disheveled. At least I hope not.

I woke up today still depressed. Was really down about as much as yesterday. No desire to do anything. A friend convinced me to get out and walk to Starbucks just to get outside for a bit. I didn’t want to do it but after lying in bed for several hours I finally dragged myself out and did it. Don’t you hate it when friends tell you something you don’t want to hear and then they are right? Damn her!

I’m learning I am an emotional eater much more than I thought. I’m not keeping a log of the food I eat as many have suggested, but I am paying more attention and I am finding I eat a helluva lot more when I’m stressed or feeling down. Something I have to watch more for and being more aware of it should help. I didn’t do well yesterday. I felt shitty and ate because of it and knew damn well what I was doing. Hmmm, that’s a problem.

So the synopsis of the day is that I sat in the house wallowing in my own shit. Was convinced to walk over to Starbucks and am now waiting for my husband to come home so we can have dinner and probably watch a movie. Not exciting, but it is what it is.

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  1. Hey Bradley!I am so impressed with your blog – all your widgets and meters and stuff! Doesn’t seem like you are wallowing to me in any way! You seem to be moving totally in the right direction :)I also must say – that if it were me – if I had had a tough day – I would look forward to that ever dependable visit by the corn man 🙂 That is still one of my favorite Bradley RLife thoughts – well that and your collection of trivia questions.Hang in there! Breathe deeply and enjoy your day :)*hugs*Kimala

  2. Heya Brad!! Love your blog, my friend! Unlike some people, you actually seem to POST!! Wow….it’s unheard of…:-)Okay….who the hell is the corn man? At the risk of going totally random on you, I don’t remember no corn man.Don’t be a stranger on SL, Bradley. There are quite a few of us who miss you and would love to see you around. And we also understand if you don’t. But come around anyway.;-)

  3. Corn man – the guy that delivers fresh corn on the cob to Brad in RL. He used to come by during the RL time that coincided with SLT Popeye’s Trivia shows and he would say he had to go – the Corn man was there :)That seems like a short story or a Lifetime movie in and of itself. Maybe Brad will blog it for us… heehee

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