Doctor, Doctor, Give Me the News…

Doctor #1: When I was having seizures regularly, life was so good. I only had to deal with one doctor (neurologist). The Doc I had put me through a series of tests, including an MRI.

Doctor #2: Time went by and suddenly I had two doctors. Through LA county I was assigned a doctor to examine my mood disorders. I enjoyed time with Dr Jenny. She was both my psychologist and my therapist (which does not happen very often) as a result we met together every week for one full hour. With some time Jenny diagnosed me as having bipolar disorder.
I am familiar with bipolar, so I wasn’t freaked out, but also new that I was going to be taking a large amount of drugs, which I wasn’t too thrilled about. There is not one treatment for those with bipolar. A drug that works for one person may not help another person. If the first set of drugs don’t work, then we tried a different combination, and then another combination and another, etc. It took awhile, but we finally found a cocktail of drugs that worked for me. Unfortunately, it had no effect on my anxiety, which has been in high gear.

Doctor #3: Sadly Doctor Jenny (Doctor #2) finished her residency and moved away. It didn’t take them much time to find me a new one, Doctor Marcus (Doctor . I went to my first appointment and and he was one of those 10 minute psychiatrists. When I asked if I could have a therapist also he just looked down and shook his head. When I asked if it was because of budget cuts and he said yes. (Thank you very much, Mr. Schwarzenegger )

Doctor #4: I began therapy with Doctor #4 (Doctor Halverson) I had been his patient awhile back and was really looking forward to being his patient again. He is not the kind of Dr. that tries to get a patient find their inner-child. He worked with me to resolved the problem rather than deal with it. I’m looking forward to working with him again.

Doctor #5: Yesterday I met with Doctor Freeman (#5). He is my GP and a good enough guy.
He did comment on how my weight must of been a reaction to some of the drugs and I agreed.
We didn’t discuss what I need to do about it, but didn’t discuss any solutions. For solutions I need to ask my new psychologist (Dr. Maria) and make sure I’m taken all the weight enhancement drugs.

So far this week I’ve been to a doctor 3 times. And I’ve had appointments made for me. The appointments include a dermatologist, a series of blood tests done, and will have to do an overnight sleep study. I will also be taking another MRI (my 4th time this year) so far the MRI’s have shown no problems at all with my brain so they still don’t know why I have had the seizures. The best guess I’ve been given has been that my seizures must have been a chemical reaction.

So there you have it. The joys of living with a mood disorder. To get serious here I want to add that 1 in 5 bipolar patients end up successfully committing suicide.
I feel it’s important to add that in since many people scoff at mental illness. My point in this blog is to make people more aware of what it is like and that we aren’t all wearing straight jackets in some rotting mental facility. Truth be told, Many (probably most) are able to find the correct combination’s for their disease.

There you have it. Fortunately most people with bipolar disorder live normal lives once they get their medications under control. I hope I’m one of them when all this madness is done.

Blessed Be

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