Facebook Junkie

Facebook Junkie


Sunday, May 11 2008 at 10:47 p.m. is the exact date and time that I first logged in to Facebook and created an account. I didn’t have much interest in Facebook and I thought Twitter was ludicrous. I have no idea why I chose to join both of them. Let’s just leave it that I had a bout of temporary insanity. What happened? I became a Facebook junkie.

The Facebook Junkie

At first I found Facebook to be a wonderful experience. I was able to catch up with good friends who I had lost track of for many years. Some were friends from high school who I hadn’t talked with in over 30 years. More importantly, I caught up with family members. There are 5 siblings in my family and we all live in different states. I enjoy catching up on what’s going on in their lives and their children’s lives.

Sadly, catching up with friends and family wasn’t all that I found myself doing. Lo and behold, I got caught up in political stuff. At first it was primarily about marriage equality, but I found I couldn’t stop there. I began posting about other social issues and about candidates. I got caught up in this year’s election.

The Elections

I fully support Hillary Clinton. I don’t consider her to be the lessor of two evils, I whole heartedly believe she is uniquely qualified to be our president. I flooded Facebook with positive articles and memes about her. I posted many links to news sources that praised Hillary.

Trump is another story. He’s a narcosis, a fraud and a racist. I never had much faith in him, but when he made fun of a news reporter who has a disability, it sealed the deal for me that this was a man who should absolutely not be president. For Trump, I also posted memes and articles that showed what a fool he is. He’s a smart and cunning fool, but a fool nonetheless.

With time, I realized that most of the people I know, felt the same as I do about Trump. Why take the time to research him and post about him. when most everyone I knew felt the same already? I was preaching to the choir.

In addition to writing about Trump, many of my friends posted about the election several times a day. It got to be too much. I had no desire to hear any more about the man. All the posts were full of negativity and It was getting to me.

Taking a Break

I think it was a couple of month ago, that I decided to leave Facebook for a while, and it turned out to be an excellent idea. It gave me more time in my life, including time to write my manuscript. I didn’t realize how often I became distracted and logged on. There were times when I would be reading a book, and I’d be anxious to finish the chapter so that I could check my Facebook messages. Yes, it became an illness. I had officially become a Facebook junkie.

Shut it Down?

So now I have a big decision to make. Should I stay or should I go? I initially planned on my Facebook vacation to be for a few weeks, maybe a month, but then I started to think about the election. I came to the conclusion that I get enough about the election via the media (yes, the horrible, awful media.) I decided to wait until the election was over and plug back into Facebook on Wednesday, November 9th. Now, however, I’m rethinking this. Do I really want to go back at all? More importantly, is it healthy to go back? I tend to do things alcoholicly. Facebook is no different.

I’ve got just over three weeks to make my decision whether to go back after election day or not. Today, I’m leaning against going back. Tomorrow I may be the opposite. This isn’t a life or death decision, yet it feel like one. I think my alcoholism has morphed itself into Facebookism, and maybe that is the answer to my question. Perhaps there is no going back and reading and posting in healthy way. Perhaps, like alcohol, I need pure abstinence.

Any other Facebook Junkies out there?

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  1. I took almost 4 months off Facebook as well as other social media That was the right decision for me. I had more time/energy/focus to complete my book and turn it into the publisher. I didn’t deactivate the account. I’m back on my personal page and my book page so I can promote it next year. I suggest you do the same! 🙂

    1. I have my book page created..I know it’s early. I didn’t deactivate because I have to keep the account to manage my blogs Facebook page. I turned notifications and chat off for everyone instead.

  2. p.s. I know what you mean by being addicted to Facebook, but I honestly think you can spend less time on it. I’m happy to encourage you to do that!!!

  3. Great post. Facebook is tough. I think even when you delete, if you ever log in again everything is still there!?! It seems like time for hybernating, so I’m off Facebook and shut down my blog… Working on my internal compass and it’s amazing how much time there is for thinking and researching without Facebook. Sending good thoughts for Facebook clarity 🙂

  4. Well, I’m not a junkie, certainly not into the politics on it. I make my FB fit my needs. I make lists, and I use them. I hide people I’m sick of and hide myself from others. I see mostly who and what I love and it’s quite nice. I’d hate to give up the continuity of online relationships there. They’re not all bloggers, ya know? Love seeing photos and knowing how people are doing.

    I actually have a post on this very thing, because you really can customize your feed and narrow it down to those you love.

    1. Definitely something I’ll keep in line. Unfortunately some of my closest friends also happen to be the ones in politics mode and I don’t want to funnel them out. (sigh)

  5. I use Facebook as a crutch. It’s where I go when I need to calm myself when I find I’m doing too many things. Used to be smoking cigarettes, then, knitting, now it’s graduated to facebook. I know I keep up with it too much, but as far as bad habits go, there are worse ones to have.

  6. From what you’ve written it sounds like your election is quite soon. I would wait until a couple of weeks afterwards to let the aftermath settle and then have a tentative look and see how it goes!

    1. You’re right. Our election is less than a month away. No need to make a firm decision anytime soon. I had planned to log back in the day after the election. I like your idea to wait a little bit more than that. Thank you

      1. Yeah, right. Like I really want to think about the next election already. I think I’ll take two month long vacation from Facebook every four years.

  7. It is impossible to avoid the online spats on Facebook, particularly when the READER shouts out their opinions at you! lol, I get it man! I have to cut myself off from that platform sometimes.

    1. That’s the truth, I’ve practically had to sit on my hands to avoid them, but I usually get stuck in them anyway. They can get ugly

  8. Like most addictive vices, the best way to break the habit is to never start. With Facebook (And really, all of its social media brethren) I never started, and have always been happy about that decision. I guess you know what my advice would be!

    1. My guess is you think I should I should jump back in to Facebook today and get into all kinds of battles LOL

  9. I, too, took an extended break from Facebook. It was a really great idea and I’m happy that I did. I’ve been able to go back but not get so caught up in everything. It sounds like a great idea to get your writing done!

    1. Thanks. The more I read comments, the more I feel I should give it a chance and try and Facebook responsibly. Might be awhile before I jump back in though. Good to see it worked for you.

      1. Honestly, the only reason I did jump in, is because once my disability fight is done, I want to become an advocate for Mental Health. If I’m not already communicating with these people, I can’t really expect them to help me.

  10. I have a fake FB account with people who I met online and maybe I like to keep in contact. But I DO NOT share their beliefs or ideas sometimes, so instead of blocking the person, I chose not to get anything they post. They are still my FB friends but I don’t need to read the crap I’m trying to avoid everywhere else.
    I feel that FB throws the things on your face. And that hurts!! 😀
    I openly choose to hide my head under the ground 😀 What I don’t see it doesn’t hurt me.

  11. I find myself constantly scrolling through Facebook, too. I’ve deactivated my account a few times and have deleted it from my phone (only to restore later to check something on the go). It’s such a time suck.

    1. It’s a total time suck. Much like Twitter, you go on just to check something real quick and three hours later you wonder where the time went.

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