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This is a special request for all my Facebook followers.

When I post an article on my blog it automatically posts a link on the blog’s Facebook page. That sounds great except I can’t guarantee that Facebook will actually send you a notification that there is a new blog post even though you clicked “Like” In fact, odds are that you will NOT receive a notification.

If you would like to be guaranteed to receive a notice each time an article is posted, I’m asking you to sign up for email notifications. Just go to the blog and there is a box to enter your email address on the right hand side, directly below my picture.

You may receive notifications of posts on Facebook, but I’ll guarantee you will if you sign up with your email.

Thank you for following me.

One final note. If you are one of my friends or followers who has seen me post about this multiple times, I promise you that this will be the last time. Big Hugs!

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    1. Thank you, Stan. Not surprising you have gotten them consistently. Only about 10% of the people receive the posts each day. It’s based on a series of algorithms. To put it simply, you can’t be just a casual reader. If you get them or don’t, it’s an all or nothing kind of thing. That’s how they make money. I’m required to pay if I want to reach the others. How many I reach depends on how much I pay. Worth it to major corporations, not worth it for a lowly blogger like me.

      Fortunately, a friend of mine with a busy Facebook page has explained to me how to increase the odds. We’ll see how it goes.

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